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Who Is Chef April Jackson? Everything To Know About The Former Miss Jamaica Here!

April Jackson, once Miss Jamaica, has traversed diverse career paths. From her early days crowned in beauty to her recent spotlight on MasterChef UK, her journey has been intriguing.

With a varied professional background, she’s dabbled in numerous fields, accumulating experiences along the way.

However, her recent stint on the acclaimed cooking show thrust her into the limelight, garnering both admiration and criticism.

Despite the accolades, April faced her share of detractors, enduring negative comments amidst the attention.

Yet, behind the scenes, she’s a self-taught culinary artist with a fascinating story to tell.

Delve deeper into her narrative to uncover the layers of this multi-faceted individual, whose journey from beauty queen to culinary sensation is nothing short of captivating.

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What To Know About Chef April Jackson’s Early Life?

April Jackson’s early life unveils a tale of two worlds. Born in London and later relocating to Jamaica, she found herself under the nurturing care of her father.

While details about her mother remain scarce online, it’s evident that her parents parted ways through divorce.

Nevertheless, the self-taught chef holds her dad in high esteem, attributing her successes to his unwavering support.

April Jackson and her father smiling.
April Jackson and her father. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Talking about Jackson’s father, he is a businessman. And, raised by an entrepreneurial giant, April imbibed invaluable lessons in resilience and determination from her father, whose ventures spanned shipping, remittances, and property.

Through her Instagram, she proudly showcases her dad, a familiar figure to her followers, highlighting their close bond.

Talking about academics, April’s journey took her from Jamaica to the UK. After shifting, there she completed her A-levels.

So, Jackson’s upbringing was marked by the influence of her father’s business acumen and her multicultural background.

And, it lays the foundation for the remarkable trajectory she embarked upon, ultimately leading her to the culinary spotlight.

Know What April Jackson Has Done Over The Years 

Over the years, April Jackson has ventured into diverse career paths, leaving a notable mark in various fields.

Notably, she emerged as a self-taught culinary virtuoso, captivating audiences with her remarkable skills, showcased notably on MasterChef UK.

Beyond her television appearances, April’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as she proudly owns and operates two thriving restaurants.

She is the owner of Wood & Water and Three Little Birds. With her two successful eateries, April cemented her status as a restaurateur of distinction.

Likewise, Jackson’s passion extends beyond the culinary world; she’s a philanthropist at heart. Talking about her social works, it accounts for all the works of the Give Children A Future Foundation. It’s because she is the founder of that non-profit organization.

MasterChef UK April Jackson in the kitchen.
April Jackson in her kitchen. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Similarly, April’s journey to prominence began with her triumphant victory in the Miss Jamaica pageant. She was crowned with that title back in 2008. And, occasionally mentions about her Miss Jamaica’s achievements via her IG post.

Furthermore, April’s pursuit of excellence led her to compete in esteemed platforms like BBC’s Apprentice Season Eleven and Cooking with the Stars. This further solidifies her reputation as a versatile and accomplished individual.

Therefore through her multifaceted endeavors, April Jackson continues to inspire and uplift, leaving an indelible impact on those around her.

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Former Miss Jamaica April Jackson Tweet Against The Negative Comment On Her Appearance On MasterChef UK

Following Jackson’s appearance on MasterChef UK, she faced criticism from viewers dissatisfied with her demeanor.

Despite the backlash, the former Miss Jamaica boldly addressed the negativity, taking to Twitter to voice her stance against the disparaging comments.

In her words,

“There’s a certain type of person that doesn’t like to see a woman, especially black women, display confidence.”

She further mentioned,

“and it honestly makes me laugh because as a Jamaican, confidence is all I know. Anyway tune into MasterChef this Friday if you want to see yours truly.”

April Jackson And Her Partner Are Blessed With Twins

Not only is April Jackson’s professional, but her personal life is also thriving. She has a healthy relationship with her partner, Lee J R Shephard, aka Shephard Lee.

Without a doubt, they share a blissful life and it’s often showcased on their vibrant Instagram feeds. Moreover, their IG posts show their lovely family of four with their twins.

Yes, not only do they support each other in their professional endeavors, but they also raise two kids.

April Jackson with her boyfriend and their kids.
April Jackson with her sweetheart and babies. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Their journey together took a new turn in 2021 when they welcomed twin daughters, adding bundles of joy to their lives.

The proud parents frequently feature their little angels in their social media posts. Thus, capturing precious moments of family bliss.

Here’s a clip of April Jackson’s partner walking alongside their kids

In addition, the twins are on Instagram by the name @pandatewins21. And they have quickly become beloved figures in their online community, spreading smiles with their adorable antics.

As April and Lee navigate the joys of parenthood, their bond grows stronger, exemplifying a love that flourishes amidst the blessings of two beautiful daughters.

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