The Circle's cast Autumn Nielsen is a country girl.

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What To Know About Autumn Nielsen From The Circle Season 6? Family Background

Who is Autumn Nielsen? She’s a determined hustler, thriving in various sectors.

And, as of 2024, she’s testing her luck on Netflix’s reality show, The Circle.

In the show’s sixth season, Autumn is ready to pull out all the stops to secure victory.

So, without further ado, let’s delve deeper into who she is and what makes her a force to be reckoned with on the screen.

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Who Is Autumn Nielsen From The Circle Season 6?

Autumn Nielsen is much more than meets the eye. A seasoned content creator, she thrives in the realms of comedy, lifestyle, and western/country fashion.

With a motto of “What’s a day without laughter? It’s a day wasted,” Autumn is on a mission to spread joy far and wide.

Beyond her creative endeavors, Autumn wears the hat of an entrepreneur proudly.

The brains behind the clothing line, Western Spitfire, she delights her fans with a range of beautiful merchandise.

Moreover, The Circle’s cast often models her own creations.

Netflix's The Circle cast Autumn Nielsen modeling for NIKE.
Autumn Nielsen modeling for NIKE. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Her influence extends to Instagram, where she shines as a model, captivating audiences with her distinct style and personality.

But Autumn’s talents don’t stop there. A dedicated fitness enthusiast, she embodies a commitment to wellness.

Recently, she showcased her impressive dancing skills. Moreover, she mentioned being a finalist in a dance competition alongside her partner.

In one of her IG posts, the fitness model hinted at being a warrior. She mentioned it while showing her “warrior” tatt.

In the post, she shared the story behind her ink and explained her battle with anxiety and what she is doing to be better.

She mentioned being off the medication trying out healthy diets and gym to find both mental and physical wellness.

And yes, last but not least Nielsen is into shooting sports. She loves to practice hitting targets.

How Old Is Netflix’s The Circle’s Cast Autumn Nielsen?

Curious about Autumn Nielsen’s age on Netflix’s The Circle? Well, she’s 21 years old as of 2024.

Hailing from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Autumn works as a ranch hand, bringing authenticity to the game.

As a content creator, she’s omnipresent across various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

The Circle cast Autumn Nielsen showing her tattoo.
Autumn Nielsen is in her early twenties. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Autumn’s social feeds offer glimpses into both her personal and professional life. She often shares workout clips and images to inspire her followers.

Moreover, The Circle cast’s early IG posts confirm her work with Nike. Indeed, she modeled for Nike.

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Autumn Nielsen’s Family: What Is There To Know About Her Parents?

Autumn Nielsen’s roots run deep in the countryside, reflecting her authentic country charm.

Her Instagram primarily showcases her professional endeavors. However, the fitness model shows glimpses into her family life reveal a bond grounded in love and playfulness.

Photos of her parents exude warmth, showcasing where Autumn inherited her beauty and brains.

In one of her IG posts, she fondly wishes her mom on Mother’s Day. Furthermore, some playful images and clips capture the joy shared with her mom and dad.

Autumn Nielsen with her mother.
Autumn Nielsen and her mother. (Photo Source: Instagram)

However, Nielsen has yet to reveal her parents’ name. So, any further details on them are not accessible.

Nevertheless, not just limited to human companions, Autumn’s family includes a beloved dog named Banjo.

And as expected from a country girl, she’s often seen riding horses, embodying a connection to nature and rural living.

Autumn Nielsen with her parents.
Autumn Nielsen with her father. (Photo Source: Instagram)

While Autumn’s online presence predominantly focuses on her career, these snapshots offer a peek into the heart of her family life.

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