Travis Fimmel is one of the three kids of his parents.

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Who Are Travis Fimmel’s Parents? An Insight On His Family

Travis Fimmel’s ascent to stardom as Ragnar Lothbrok in “Vikings” catapulted his parents and siblings into the spotlight.

Amidst his fame, curiosity was piqued about the individuals who shaped his life behind the scenes. Who are the enigmatic figures behind this charismatic actor?

Travis’s parents’ names are Jennie and Chris Fimmel. And, they undoubtedly played pivotal roles in his journey.

Yet, the intrigue doesn’t end there. Travis is not alone in his family dynamic; he shares the spotlight with two siblings.

As fans delve deeper into Travis Fimmel’s life, the spotlight expands to encompass his familial ties, revealing the faces and stories behind the celebrated actor.

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Get To Know Travis Fimmel’s Parents Jennie And Chris Fimmel

Travis Fimmel was born on July 15, 1979. As mentioned, he is the son of his parents, Jennie and Chris Fimmel.

Raised alongside his two siblings, he hails from Echuca, Victoria, Australia.

While his Australian nationality is clear, his religious beliefs have stirred speculation.

While some sources label him as Christian, others suggest he identifies as an atheist.

However, the latter is only in the talk because of his portrayal of an atheist character, Ragnar Lothbrok, in Vikings.

Despite the conjecture, Travis has shared glimpses of religious practices on social media, including clips of prayers at a mosque.

Travis Fimmel riding a horse.
Travis Fimmel horse riding. (Photo Source: Instagram)

However, whether his parents influenced his religious upbringing remains uncertain, compounded by limited public information about his family life.

While a few online images depict him and his family in Church, so it is safe to say the actor and his family are Christian.

Furthermore, Travis maintains a relatively low profile on platforms like Instagram, refraining from sharing personal details about his family.

Thus, comprehensive insights into his parents, Jennie and Chris Fimmel, remain elusive, leaving much to speculation and rumor.

Vikings’ Star Travis Fimmel’s Mom Worked As A Recreation Officer And Dad Was A Cattle Farmer

Travis Fimmel’s upbringing reflects a blend of rural life and community service.

His mother, Jennie Fimmel, served as a recreation officer, specializing in supporting disabled individuals. Meanwhile, his father, Chris Fimmel, was a cattle farmer.

Travis Fimmel with a porcupine.
Travis Fimmel holding a porcupine. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Raised on their sprawling 2000-hectare farm, Fimmel’s childhood experiences are evident in his social media presence.

Indeed, he often shares glimpses of farm life on Instagram, featuring images of various animals.

This background adds depth to Fimmel’s portrayal of rugged characters like Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings, drawing from his firsthand understanding of rural life and family values.

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Travis Fimmel Grew Up Alongside His Two Brothers 

Travis Fimmel’s upbringing was rooted in the rural landscapes of Lockington, Australia, where he lived with his parents, Jennie and Chris Fimmel, and his two older brothers.

Growing up on their family’s dairy farm, Travis experienced a childhood rich in outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, and motorcycle riding.

Alongside his older siblings, he embraced these adventures, forging strong bonds and cherished memories.

Moreover, the internet abounds with images capturing their camaraderie and shared experiences.

Travis Fimmel and his siblings.
Travis Fimmel and his brother. (Photo Source: Pinterest)

From tending to farm chores to exploring the countryside, Travis and his brothers navigated the joys and challenges of rural life together.

These formative years instilled in Travis a deep appreciation for hard work, family, and the beauty of nature, shaping him into the versatile actor known for his roles in Vikings and other productions.

The close-knit bond among the Fimmel brothers continues to be evident, reflecting the enduring influence of their upbringing on their lives and careers.

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