Renato Moicano and his wife with their baby boy.

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Renato Moicano And His Wife Gave Birth To Their Son Isaacao In 2020

Renato Moicano tied the knot with his wife, Priscila Van der Broocke. And, together they welcomed a baby boy.

Amidst his personal milestones, Moicano gears up for a showdown against Jalin Turner in UFC 300, adding to the excitement surrounding him.

As interest peaks in Moicano’s personal life, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about him as a devoted husband and father.

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Renato Moicano Is Married To His Wife Priscila Van der Broocke

As mentioned, Renato Moicano is happily married to his wife, Priscila Van der Broocke.

He often shares photos of his better half on his Instagram, revealing their strong bond.

Priscila, like Renato, has a fighting spirit, transitioning from modeling to becoming a fighter. And, born on November 16, 1989, she stands tall at 5’8″.

While Renato is active on Instagram, Priscila prefers privacy, keeping her account private.

Renato Moicano and his wife.
Renato Moicano enjoying his wife’s victory. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Despite her reserved social media presence, Priscila’s prowess in combat sports speaks volumes.

She made her professional debut on December 2, 2017, securing victory with a first-round knockout.

Renato’s admiration for Priscila goes beyond their personal relationship; it extends to her determination and success in the ring.

Their marriage is proof of their shared passions and mutual support, evident both in their personal lives and professional endeavors.

Through Renato’s posts, it’s evident that Priscila’s strength and resilience complement his own, making them a formidable team both in and out of the octagon.

Renato Moicano And His Partner’s Relationship Can Be Dated Way Back In 2015 

Renato Moicano and Priscila Van der Broocke’s relationship traces back to around 2015, though specifics about their journey together remain private.

While they haven’t disclosed their exact relationship timeline or marriage date online, insights from Renato’s Instagram offer glimpses into their love story.

Renato’s Instagram activity suggests their relationship began to publicly emerge in 2015.

His inaugural post dates back to 2014, and by January 28, 2015, he shared a photo featuring his partner.

A significant indication of their relationship milestone surfaced on October 17, 2017.

Renato posted a snapshot of them sparring, accompanied by a playful caption in Portuguese hinting at their anniversary.

His reference to Priscila as his wife in the caption suggests they were already married by then.

Renato Moicano and his girlfriend-turned-wife.
Renato Moicano and his partner back in 2017. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Despite maintaining a degree of privacy regarding their relationship, Renato’s occasional glimpses into their journey reflect a deep bond and shared passion.

While the exact moment they exchanged vows remains a mystery to the public, their affection and companionship are evident in Renato’s heartfelt posts.

The couple’s commitment to each other transcends the octagon, with Renato’s admiration for Priscila extending beyond her role as his partner.

Their shared dedication to their respective careers and mutual support underscores the strength of their union.

Unfortunately, fans may not have the complete story of Renato and Priscila’s romance. However, their love and partnership shine through in the moments they choose to share.

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Renato Moicano’s Son Isaacao Was Born On February 18, 2020

Renato Moicano and his wife welcomed their son, Isaacao. They gave birth to him on February 18, 2020.

Embracing parenthood, they are cherishing every moment with their new addition to the family.

Moreover, Renato’s Instagram reveals glimpses of their joy, with Isaacao making appearances in his father’s posts.

It’s evident through Renato’s posts that he envisions his son following in his footsteps. What do we mean by that?

Well, the UFC fighter’s IG post reveals his son, Isaacao, is already showing interest in martial arts. Indeed, Renato’s baby boy is often seen practicing alongside his father in the gym.

Renato Moicano with his son.
Renato Moicano and his son. (Photo Source: Instagram)

As they navigate the early stages of parenthood, Renato and his wife are nurturing Isaacao’s curiosity and passion for martial arts.

The bond between father and son is palpable in their shared moments of training and play.

With Renato’s upcoming fight at UDC 300 against Jalin Turner, there’s hope that we may witness Isaacao cheering on his father alongside his mother.

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