Mitchell Krueger's life with his wife and daughter.

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Game, Set, Family: Mitchell Krueger’s Life With His Wife And Daughter

Game, Set, Family; that’s Mitchell Krueger in a nutshell.

Fresh off his recent victory at the Little Rock Open, Mitchell’s Instagram gives us a peek into his personal world; i.e. family.

Talking about Mitchell’s family, despite sharing a last name with fellow tennis player Ashlyn Krueger, they aren’t related. We’ve cleared up that on another page.

So, this article dives into Mitchell’s real family life, highlighting his loving marriage with his wife Jeannie Krueger, and their adorable baby girl, Camille.

Get ready to explore the heartwarming side of this tennis champ’s life beyond the court.

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How Is Mitchell Krueger’s Life With His Wife Jeannie Krueger?

Curious about Mitchell Krueger’s life with his wife, Jeannie Krueger? It’s nothing short of wonderful.

Mitchell’s social media posts reveal a happy, fulfilling life as he balances his tennis career with his roles as a devoted husband and caring father.

Off the court, the American tennis player cherishes every moment with his soulmate Jeannie, and their daughter, Camille.

Jeannie, active on social media, often shares glimpses of their family life.

Mitchell’s wife’s Instagram bio humorously mentions her preference for champagne over healthy food and highlights her love for pets, especially their dog, Dill.

Mitchell Krueger's family photo.
Mitchell Krueger and his wife with their daughter and pet. (Photo Source: Instagram)

The Krueger family, including Dill, frequently enjoys outings together, showcasing their close-knit bond.

Jeannie’s Instagram also links to her e-commerce ventures, where she provides baby products on Shop LTK, demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit.

Whether they are at home or out exploring, the Kruegers radiate joy and love, making it clear that Mitchell has found a perfect balance between his professional and personal life.

Their shared moments and mutual support illustrate a strong, happy family unit thriving both online and offline.

Meet Mitchell And Jeannie Krueger’s Daughter Camille

Mitchell and Jeannie Krueger are overjoyed with their beautiful daughter, Camille, affectionately known as “CJ.”

The couple first announced their pregnancy on November 24, 2022, with a heartwarming Instagram post featuring themselves, their dog, and sonogram images. At that time, Jeannie was 16 weeks pregnant.

Camille was born five to six months later, becoming the light of her parents’ lives. Her arrival has brought immense joy to the Krueger family, and she frequently appears in their social media posts.

Mitchell’s daughter celebrated her first birthday on May 4, with his wife sharing adorable photos from the party, captioned,

Surfing into year 2!

Jeannie, born on February 26, 1992, often expresses her gratitude for her family on social media.

Mitchell Krueger with his wife and daughter on the latter birthday.
Mitchell Krueger is celebrating his daughter’s birthday. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Both Mitchell and Jeannie regularly update their followers with sweet moments and milestones in Camille’s life, showcasing their love and happiness.

Camille’s presence has undoubtedly enriched the Kruegers’ lives, making their family bond even stronger.

As they continue to share their journey, fans can witness the joy and love that Camille brings to their everyday lives.

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Mitchell Krueger And His Partner Jeannie Krueger Relationship Timeline

Mitchell Krueger and his partner, Jeannie Krueger, appear to have started their relationship in 2017.

This assumption is based on the first Instagram posts featuring each other from that year. Prior to 2017, there was no public indication of their relationship on social media.

Since then, their online presence has showcased a deep bond and mutual enjoyment of various activities.

They often share photos of themselves golfing at driving ranges, hiking, visiting fun parks, and relaxing at the beach, illustrating their love for spending time together.

Mitchell Krueger and his wife with their dog.
Mitchell and Jeannie Krueger own a pet dog. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Before Jeannie, Mitchell was reportedly in a relationship with Peggy Porter.

There are a few cozy photos of them on Mitchell’s Instagram, including one from their prom night.

However, details about their relationship remain speculative, as it’s possible they were just close friends.

Regardless of past relationships, Mitchell and Jeannie’s social media posts reflect a happy and fulfilling life together.

Their journey from 2017 to now demonstrates a strong, loving partnership that continues to thrive.

Mitchell And Jeannie Krueger’s Engagement And Wedding Details 

Mitchell and Jeannie Krueger’s engagement marked a beautiful milestone in their relationship.

After dating for a couple of years, the American tennis player proposed to Jeannie on October 4, 2019.

The next day, both shared the joyous news on Instagram, with Mitchell captioning his post,

“Biggest win of my career! 💍 10•4•19.”

Following their engagement, Mitchell and Jeannie kept their followers updated with wedding preparations, often posting countdowns like,

“Exactly a month until the big day!”

Mitchell Krueger's life with his wife cycling.
Mitchell and his better half are cycling. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Their wedding took place on December 4, 2020, a day they frequently celebrate on social media with heartfelt messages such as,

“How has it already been an entire year?!? Feels like it was just yesterday,” and

“Throwback to the best day with my forever valentine.”

Jeannie also quoted one of their wedding photos,

“Wifey for Lifey #GameSetMitch”

Photos from their wedding show the couple smooching in their wedding attire, walking down the aisle, and sharing a romantic dance.

These images capture the love and joy of their special day.

Now married for over three years, Mitchell and Jeannie continue to cherish their life together, looking forward to many more years of happiness.

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