Lexi Martone's family lost her father to cancer.

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MasterChef Star Lexi Martone’s Family: Meet Her Mom Jennifer And Sister Bria

Who are Lexi Martone’s family members? With Martone preparing to appear on MasterChef Season 14, her family goes hunting.

No stranger to the limelight, she is an absolute favorite among fans as she appears on TLC’s Unpolished and Food Network’s Bakers Vs Fakers.

The gothic beauty brings much experience with her on-screen, promising to be quite an engaging personality on MasterChef.

But there is even more to uncover about the Martones, with Lexi constantly capturing images of her family — equally good-looking, engaging, and ebullient characters in their standing.

It’s time to get a chance to know better the dynamic family behind this rising culinary star.

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Lexi Martone’s Family Background: We’re Italian

Lexi Martone never concealed her Italian roots and was always proud of them.

In a clip for Christmas 2020, she showed the family gathering and how they liked her vegan meatballs on the plates, showing off some culinary.

It is expected that Lexi’s vegan cooking style can often surpass a MasterChef contender and has even impressively blown away some purely Italian old-school relatives.

Lexi Martone in front of Gordon Ramsey poster.
Lexi Martone and Gordon Ramsey poster. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Entirely jokingly, she mentioned “for Christmas” first, with a second mention of it being a “house full of old school Italians,” with the last emphasis on them being Italians.

Lexi has a Christian religion. Talking about her childhood, she grew up alongside her sister Bria. Also, here’s a clip of baby Lexi’s singing a song on Christmas.

There are many Instagram posts showing the excellent relationship between the siblings duo, and both of these girls had a beautiful childhood.

Likewise, Lexi posted a photo from her birthday on December 14, 2017. And on her caption, she clarified that it was her 25th birthday that year, which is an attestation that she was born in 1992.

The TLC show she appeared on featured not only her but also her mother, grandmother, and sister, giving an intimate look at their very close-knit family dynamics.

Her family background of rich Italian traditions and relations put a great deal of human touch in her life, therefore into her culinary journey and media presence as well.

Who Was Next Top Nail Artist 2014 Finalist Lexi Martone’s Dad Big Mike?

Lexi Martone was a well-known nail artist and 2014 finalist on The Next Top Nail Artist who went on to professional success and, personally speaking, the shock of her life.

She is the co-owner of Salon Martone, with its ever-growing Long Island faithful, building a collection with Bria of Lexi’s innovative 3D nail-artistry work.

Tragically, Lexi and Bria’s father, Big Mike, passed away from cancer in May 2021.

Big Mike had first been diagnosed with heart complications but was found to have stage 4 cancer in February.

Lexi Martone ad her sister from childhood.
Lexi Martone and her sister photos from their childhood. (Photo Source: Instagram)

He passed away three months later, by which time his disease had unfortunately and relatively quickly overrun him, while the COVID-19 pandemic also made visiting virtually impossible.

The Martone sisters keep remembering their father and valuing the times shared with him, yet he always remains alive in spirit with them and their work due to resilience and perseverance in their craft.

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Who Is Lexi Martone From MasterChef’s Mom, Jennifer Martone?

Lexi Martone lost her dad, Big Mike, but luckily she still has her mother, Jennifer Martone.

Jennifer was always there for her daughter and has stayed on till now. You can see it on any of their Instagram pages.

Lexi often takes to Instagram to wish Jennifer on Mother’s Day, posting amazing photos with captions dedicated to her mom, Jennifer.

Jennifer, likewise, on her Instagram account, puts up pictures of her children, Lexi and Bria, along with her own parents—or rather Lexi’s grandparents.

Lexi Martone with her mother. sister, niece, and grandmother.
The four generations from Martone’s family in one screen. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Jennifer Martone is a mother to Lexi and is equal in her stardom. She rose to great fame through her unmissable appearances on Unpolished, a TLC show featuring Lexi and Bria.

The two daughters operate Salon Martone on Long Island, but the show highlighted their active relationship and Jennifer’s role as both a mother and a business partner.

Jennifer is an integral part of Lexi’s success and support system by being there and supporting her in public.

Lexi Martone’s Sister, Bria, Is Married And Mother To Four Kids

It’s clear by now that Lexi Martone’s sister’s name is Bria Martone.

The family-friendly crew at TLC has seen plenty of sibling drama between the two Martone sisters, but there is more love and respect underneath it all.

Whether it’s on social media or at home, Bria is busy building her family with Matthew Mancuso.

The couple shares two beautiful daughters, Bellamia and Briella Louisa Mancuso.

Besides living with her daughters, she also shares her life with Matthew’s two sons, Ronin and Logan, from a previous marriage.

The children make up the complete unit and light up Bria to one of her many roles—as a mother to four kids.

Lexi Martone's sister with her husband and four kids.
Lexi Martone’s sister with her immediate family. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Their social media reflected the togetherness of the Martone family, and every moment lived in happiness.

For Bria, her life had been a journey of moving from on-screen drama to building a loving family with Matthew—describing in every bit her resilience and sticking power.

What makes her even more likable to their fans is her own story, giving another tint to the saga of the Martone family: purebred, with its authenticity and strength in balancing personal and professional life.

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