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What To Know About Chef April Jackson’s Partner And Their Twins?

Step into the captivating world of April Jackson, a powerhouse balancing fame, family, and flavor!

Known for her dazzling presence as a former Miss Jamaica, April has seamlessly transitioned from the runway to the kitchen.

Recently, she even created waves on MasterChef UK as a guest judge. But her story doesn’t end there.

With a stint on The Apprentice and thriving eateries under her belt, April is the epitome of entrepreneurial success.

Yet, amidst the glitz and glamour, she remains grounded, cherishing her role as a devoted partner and loving mother.

Talking about Jackson’s love life, she is in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend Shephard Lee. And, the duo are parents to their twins.

So, Jackson’s ability to juggle career and family with finesse is truly inspiring, painting a portrait of fulfillment both personally and professionally.

Curious to peek into her world? Then, don’t go anywhere as we have covered details on April’s blissful love life, partner, and twins.

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Who Is April Jackson’s Partner Shephard Lee?

April Jackson’s partner, Shephard Lee, isn’t just a charming presence on her Instagram. He’s a man of many talents and passions.

While scrolling through Jackson’s posts, it’s evident how deeply they treasure their time together. But who exactly is her prince charming?

Lee, much like Jackson, shares glimpses of his life on Instagram. And, going through it we can see his love for alcoholic beverages. Thus, hinting at a possible career as a mixologist.

His recent posts shed light on his involvement in rum, particularly through a masterclass collaboration with Three Little Birds and Banks Rum.

Talking about Three Little Birds, it’s a café, boutique, and rum bar located in Brixton. And, it is owned by Jackson.

Chef April Jackson's boyfriend fishing.
April Jackson’s sweetheart loves fishing and cooking. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Beyond mixology, Lee’s profile reveals his love for daiquiris and a keen appreciation for food. Moreover, he is often seen supporting his baby mama in her restaurant ventures.

Moreover, the twins’ dad’s interests extend to fishing, a hobby he indulges in to provide fresh catches for his family, showcasing his culinary skills beyond the bar.

Notably, he’s not just a supportive partner in Jackson’s professional endeavors; he’s also fully invested in their family life. Therefore, he seems particularly caring for their twins.

From his culinary creations to his adventures in Jamaica, Lee’s Instagram offers a glimpse into a life filled with love, flavor, and unwavering dedication.

MasterChef UK April Jackson And Shephard Lee Relationship Timeline 

April Jackson and Shephard Lee’s relationship timeline may lack official statements, but their Instagram posts tell a compelling story.

Lee’s first photo featuring Jackson dates back to August 1, 2020, while Jackson shared her first image of Lee on May 31, 2019.

With these snapshots in mind, it’s safe to infer that their romance has blossomed for over five years as of 2024.

Chef April Jackson's partner sleeping with their twins.
April Jackson’s partner with their twins. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Throughout this time, the lovebirds have cherished each moment together. Moreover, their bond has grown stronger with each passing day.

While marriage remains uncharted territory for the couple, their twins and deepening connection hint at potential future plans. So, the duo may soon make things official.

For now, they revel in their life together, navigating parenthood and enjoying the journey as a family.

As their story continues to unfold, fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for these lovebirds.

Did You Know MasterChef UK April Jackson’s Boyfriend Is Chinese?

Discover the fascinating truth behind MasterChef UK star April Jackson’s boyfriend’s ethnicity: he’s Chinese.

Amidst Jackson’s Jamaican heritage and Miss Jamaica title, love transcends cultural boundaries in her relationship with her Chinese partner.

Chef April Jackson with her Chinese boyfriend.
Chef April Jackson’s partner is Chinese. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Their union beautifully showcases the diversity of love, resulting in a blended ethnic background for their children.

Evidence of Lee’s Chinese heritage is evident through his surname and self-identification as an Asian Chef on social media.

Additionally, Jackson and their twins often celebrate Chinese New Year. And the trio does that by adorning in traditional attire, further affirming their connection to Chinese culture.

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April Jackson And Shephard Lee Are Blessed With Twins Maya And Nova 

April Jackson and Shephard Lee’s enchanting journey as a family expands with the arrival of their adorable twins, Maya and Nova.

While these toddlers are yet to carve their own paths professionally, they already captivate hearts on Instagram under the handle @pandatwins21.

Maya and Nova, both daughters, illuminate their parents’ lives with their infectious smiles, never straying far from their side.

From pregnancy updates to birthday celebrations, Jackson has shared their joyous milestones with her followers, offering glimpses into their growing bond.

Chef April Jackson's twins.
April Jackson’s twins’ photo from Christmas. (Photo Source: Instagram)

The twins, born in 2021, celebrated their first birthday on January 26, 2022. Thus, marking a year filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.

The twins’ mama took to Instagram to wish her children their first birthday. She uploaded a lovely photo featuring her partner and daughters. Furthermore, the post is accompanied by a caption that goes like this;

So this happened….. Our @pandatwins21 turned one! Strangely I still can’t believe they’re here. We’ve all heard how time flies but really where has the time gone? Feeling so blessed.

No doubt Jackson and Lee dote on their little ones, cherishing every moment of parenthood as they navigate this new chapter together.

As Maya and Nova continue to blossom, their parents’ Instagram feed serves as a digital scrapbook, documenting the joys and triumphs of family life.

With boundless love and unwavering devotion, Jackson and Lee embark on this extraordinary journey, guided by the laughter and love of their precious daughters.

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