Layshia Clarendon with her partner and child in basketball court.

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Meet Layshia Clarendon And Jessica Dolan Child, “Baby C”

Layshia Clarendon is happily married to Jessica Dolan, raising Baby C together.

They is professional basketball players for the Los Angeles Sparks in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

Clarendon is also the first openly non-binary player in the league and the first active WNBA player to undergo top surgery.

Likewise, Clarendon was also an advocate for trans rights, other than being an athletic person, and they used their platform to support the trans community.

So, let’s take a glimpse into the love life of this excellent WNBA star and the journey of being a parent to Baby C.

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Layshia Clarendon Raising Her Child “Baby C” With Jessica Dolan

Layshia Clarendon and Jessica Dolan announced the birth of “#BabyC” on December 25, 2020. However, they decided not to share the name of their child or the sex they were assigned.

Celebrating the gender expansiveness of their new baby, the couple is determined to raise Baby C in an affirming and supportive environment.

Layshia Clarendon holding her baby in left and basketball in right hand.
Layshia Clarendon holding her child. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Clarendon and Dolan love spending time with Baby C and often post pictures of their family outings but keep their child’s privacy by not showing the child’s face. Though private, Clarendon posts about their love for Baby C quite often.

On Baby C’s second birthday, Clarendon wrote,

“Today my baby turned TWO whole ass years old. What a journey it’s been. I am so grateful the Tiny Human chose me and their mama @jessicaclarendon to be their parents. Parenting is hard AF and life-giving.”

In 2021, Clarendon shared another heartfelt message:

“My dearest child – you have taught me that love truly has no bounds, how to stay more present, and that change is the only constant. Your joy is my joy, little nugget. Thank you for letting me be your papa.”

Clarendon and Dolan’s journey as parents to Baby C is filled with love, gratitude, and a commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive family environment.

Layshia Clarendon And Jessica Dolan Relationship Timeline

Layshia Clarendon and Jessica Dolan’s relationship started in college while Clarendon played basketball for the University of California, Berkeley.

Dolan was Clarendon’s girlfriend then, and their union became something else with time.

They were engaged and later married in 2017. The lovebirds’ wedding took place in Hotel Shattuck Plaza, Berkeley. It is also a significant place, as it is Clarendon’s alma mater.

Layshia Clarendon and Jessica Dolan in their wedding attire.
Clarendon and Dolan photo from their wedding day. (Photo Source; Instagram)

After the marriage, Clarendon and Dolan repeatedly demonstrate and express to one another their deep and enduring love. Moreover, they frequently post treasured wedding pictures on their profiles to commemorate relationship milestones.

As seen on Dolan’s November 12, 2022, wedding photo post for their fifth anniversary, the caption read,

“5 years ago I chose you. And I still choose you every single day. ⁣Through the joy, the sorrow, the excruciating, the peace, the love – in this life and the next, you are my home, wherever we are. ⁣🥂 to us. Happy Anniversary, my love.”

Similarly, seen on Clarendon’s love message in 2021 on their fourth anniversary is,

“FOUR years ago today we did the damn thing! 💍 There’s no one else in the world I would rather go on this journey with than you my darling.”

The two seem to be very supportive and caring towards one another in this beautiful pregnancy of Dolan, as per so many pictures posted online.

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Who Is Layshia Clarendon’s Baby Mama, Jessica Dolan?

We all know who Layshia Clarendon is, being a famous WNBA star. But what about her baby mama, Jessica Dolan?

Well, Clarendon’s partner has a varied and impressive professional background.

For starters, per Dolan’s IG bio, she is the Chief Operating Officer at Rapince Ventures. She has been there since February 2020.

Before that, Dolan spent just shy of five years at Wasserman, entering as a Manager in July 2015 and exiting as Senior Manager in December 2017.

In this capacity, she managed the delivery of projects and people teams in Los Angeles, CA.

Layshia Clarendon and Jessica Dolan with Baby C.
Clarendon with her soulmate and their baby. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Other essential stops in Dolan’s career include influential academic roles. As an Academic Specialist at UC Berkeley, she provided all the support needed by the Women’s Basketball team.

Clarendon’s partner responsibilities involved enhancing the student’s academic performance and working with the advising and coaching staff on how to motivate them and develop their careers.

Similarly, Dolan was responsible for Basketball Operations as the Assistant Director, Academic Liaison, and Camp Director for Cal Women’s Basketball.

In addition to that, Dolan’s academic publications are just exciting. Ms. Dolan received a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies of Sport in Education from UC Berkeley.

Further, she holds her Bachelor’s degree in English Language and 20th Century Literature from Berkeley.

During her undergraduate years, she also served as Head Manager of Cal Women’s Basketball.