Kamay Lafalaise and her girlfriend-turned wife in their graduation.

Bibek Rai

Kamay Lafalaise And Her Wife Emily Unnasch Passed Out From The University Together

Kamay Lafalaise is a lawyer, a great partner to her wife, and an excellent cook.

As a cook, Kamay is showing her culinary skills on Season 14 of MasterChef: Generations.

At just 34 years old, Kamay hails from Washington, D.C. She has always added a unique flair to the competition. And she is the queen representing the Millennial generation before the eagle eyes of Gordon Ramsay.

In every episode, Kamay proves to be a fantastic cook, as good as she is a lawyer.

Talking about Kamay’s love life, she is with her wife, Emily.

What is interesting, however, is that Kamay and Emily share a special bond as they attended the same college and graduated from it hand in hand.

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Kamay Lafalaise And Her Wife Emily Unnasch Are University Sweethearts

Kamay Lafalaise describes herself as a private person, but recently posted an update on LinkedIn admitting to having stepped out of her “comfort zone.”

The MasterChef contestant has shared that she faced many challenges in life, including overcoming grief, fear, and personal loss.

This was followed by experiences that pushed her into bold steps, including participating in the competitive cooking show MasterChef.

The seasoned government lawyer’s choice to be on the show had strong support from her partner, Emily Unnasch.

Kamay Lafalaise posing wearing her MasterChef white apron.
Kamay Lafalaise wearing her MasterChef apron. (Photo Source: Instagram)

There is no evidence in photos and videos available to the public regarding the marriage of Emily.

However, on Kamay’s website page, reference is made to Emily as a wife, which probably means they are married.

Later, on her website, Kamay says that she likes traveling with Emily when not at the office.

There are no official records now of the timeline of Kamay and Emily’s relationship.

However, their love story traces back to their time at university.

Both Kamay and Emily were students of Wake Forest University School of Law, which shows on their LinkedIn profiles.

Furthermore, the University’s Tumblr account contains a graduation picture that proves the same.

This bond suggests that the connection between them had begun when they were in college, and over the years, it continued to strengthen.

So, Kamay Lafalaise and her wife Emily Unnasch are University sweethearts.

Emily Unnasch Is Very Proud Of Kamay Lafalaise On LinkedIn

As mentioned, Kamay Lafalaise recently shared her story on LinkedIn about how she became part of MasterChef: Generations.

The first-generation Haitian American’s post was further overwhelmed by the support of her partner, Emily Unnasch.

To be specific, Emily shared Kamay’s story on her own LinkedIn page, expressing her admiration and pride.

“So incredibly proud of my wife, Kamay Lafalaise, for all her accomplishments,” Emily penned.

Kamay Lafalaise and her wife are both lawyer.
Kamay Lafalaise’s wife Emily Unnasch. (Photo Source: Linked In)

She emphasized her happiness for Kamay and took a moment to rejoice at herself getting a white apron as a contestant of MasterChef: Generations.

In deep emotion, Emily’s post was testimony to her unwavering and proud support toward the success of Kamay, pinpointing solid ties based on mutual respect.

The public show of support from Emily speaks volumes about her love and pride but is a symbol for others to be encouraged by their story about partnership and resilience.

Kamay Lafalaise’s Partner Emily Unnasch Is A Lawyer, Too

Kamay Lafalaise and her partner, Emily Unnasch, were not only connected by personal ties but also by their professional careers as lawyers.

As noted already, both Kamay and Emily are also alumni of the same college; they finished their Juris Doctor.

And careers in parallel have found them both as Professorial Lecturers at GW Law.

Emily’s professional track record evidences profound legal experience and a personal commitment to public service.

Kamay Lafalaise is a public lawyer.
Kamay Lafalaise is a lawyer by profession. (Photo Source: Linked In)

Currently, she is senior counsel for Litigation and Investigations at Accenture Federal Services. There she offers strategic legal advice concerning regulatory compliance in government and internal investigations and litigation.

Emily joined Accenture in April 2021 as Counsel and was promoted to her current role in October 2022.

Lafalaise’s wife is licensed to practice in the District of Columbia, North Carolina (inactive), and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Furthermore, Emily is also admitted to several prestigious courts, including the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and multiple U.S. District Courts.

Before working at Accenture, Emily worked as an Associate Attorney at Venable LLP and Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP.

She has also held the position of Judicial Law Clerk in the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

Moreover, Emily has had an impressive legal career to complement the many accomplishments of Kamay, with the result being that they are a dynamic and accomplished couple.