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Forever Greens: Jontay Porter’s Marriage To Kelli At Newcastle Golf Course

A few years ago, Jontay Porter exchanged wedding vows with his wife, Kelli Kingma. They tied the knot and marked the beginning of their journey together.

However, recent events have cast a shadow over their otherwise celebrated love story.

As a forward for the Toronto Raptors, Jontay finds himself in the midst of controversy.

To put it simply, he was handed a lifetime ban from the NBA for breaching gambling regulations.

The ban came after an investigation exposed Jontay’s involvement in sharing confidential information with sports bettors.

Thus, showing his involvement in manipulating his own game on purpose and placing wagers on NBA matches.

His actions, such as disclosing his health status before games, raised suspicions and prompted the NBA’s scrutiny.

Amidst the uproar, curious minds wonder about Kelli’s well-being and how she’s navigating this challenging time, standing by her partner despite the storm swirling around them.

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Jontay Porter And His Wife Kelli Kingma Say ‘I Do’ At Newcastle Golf Course

Jontay Porter is having a worse time right now and fans wonder how his wife Kelli Kingma coping with the situation.

Although there is no official news of Kelli’s status, she must be standing by her husband in his rough time.

As Kelli and her better half vowed to stand by each other through thick and took each other as husband and wife with, “I Do.”

Their journey as a married couple began on September 17, 2022. Their wedding ceremony took place at the Newcastle Golf Course.

Moreover, the love birds exchanged heartfelt vows, marking the start of their shared life together, surrounded by loved ones.

Jontay Porter is a basketball player.
Jontay Porter is married. (Photo Source: X)

The picturesque setting offered breathtaking views of Seattle and Bellevue. Thus, adding to the joyous atmosphere of the occasion.

Despite the challenges they face, their commitment to each other remains unwavering.

As Jontay’s NBA career came to an unexpected turn due to controversy, Kelli’s public presence has been minimal.

However, her support for her husband speaks volumes about their bond.

While Kelli hasn’t shared updates with the world, her actions reflect the depth of their relationship.

Their wedding day serves as a reminder of the love and laughter they share, captured in cherished moments with friends and family.

Though the path ahead may be uncertain, Jontay and Kelli continue to navigate it together.

Who Is Jontay Porter’s Partner Kelli Kingma? 

We all know Jontay Porter is an NBA player who recently caught himself in a controversy. But who is his wife Kelli Kingma? What is her professional background?

Well, her career details remain largely undisclosed. So, details about her career are not publicly available. However, information about her early life can be found online.

Portner’s other half was born in 1996. Similarly, she attended Jackson High School. She graduated from there in 2014.

Notably, she actively participated in basketball during both her high school and university years, showcasing her own athletic prowess.

Jontay Porter's wife photo from Twitter.
Jontay Porter’s wife wearing a beautiful dress. (Photo Source: X)

So, beyond being a supportive partner to Jontay, Kelli emerges as a talented basketball athlete in her own right.

Despite the spotlight primarily focusing on Jontay’s career, Kelli’s background suggests a shared passion for basketball and a noteworthy athletic journey of her own.

Unfortunately, the specifics of her professional endeavors remain private.

Nevertheless, her dedication to the sport during her formative years hints at a deeper connection to the basketball world.

As Jontay’s partner, Kelli adds another dimension to their relationship, grounded in mutual respect and admiration for each other’s achievements on and off the court.

Jontay’s spouse is on Instagram and Twitter; however, is less active on her social handles. Moreover, her Instagram page is private.

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Jontay Porter’s Other Half Kelli Kingma’s Journey As A Basketball Player

In high school, Jontay Porter’s significant other displayed her basketball talent as both a point guard and a shooting guard.

She even earned accolades as the 68th high school prospect nationwide.

Transitioning to the University of Washington, Kelli Kingma continued her basketball journey as part of the Huskies women’s basketball team.

Jontay Porter's girlfriend-turned-wife Kelli Kingma.
Jontay Porter’s sweetheart played basketball in her high school days. (Photo Source: ABTC)

Throughout her freshman year, Kelli participated in 21 games. Thus, she made significant contributions to the team’s performance on the court.

Furthermore, Jontay’s wife’s versatility and dedication to the sport were evident as she honed her skills at both the high school and collegiate levels.

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