Joel Embiid and his girlfriend turned wife.

Yogesh Gurung

Joel Embiid’s Life With Wife Anne de Paula And Son Arthur

Joel Embiid is the towering center of the Philadelphia 76ers and a cornerstone of Team USA. 

He is not only celebrated for his prowess on the basketball court but also for his deeply personal life off it.

Joel’s wife, Anne de Paula, and their son, Arthur Elijah de Paula Embiid, play a big role in his story.

Their time together – from how they met to becoming parents – shows a bond full of love and strength.

Joel Embiid’s Relationship With Anne de Paula 

Joel Embiid and Anne de Paula’s love story was to be written in 2018, as it was initiated after an impromptu meeting through a mutual friend in New York City.

Professionally, Anne is a successful model from Brazil. She was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1995.

The model was the kind of woman with beauty that flattered Joel; however, it was not only her beauty but also her intellect.

Additionally, Joel fancied her multilingual fluency in English, Portuguese, and French.

Gradually, they discovered a mutual interest in each other’s work and came to feel an intense mutual respect.

Joel Embiid and his pregnant wife.
Photoshoot from the time when Embiid’s wife was pregnant. (Photo Source: IG)

Soon, their friendship grew into something more. Following that, the couple exchanged their vows on July 22, 2023.

And since that time, Anne’s unwavering support has been instrumental in the progress of Joel.

This is also evidenced through her activeness on social media, where she shares glimpses of their family life.

Per Anne, she was “never looking for anything when I am single,” but said that Embiid caught her eye at the party by “just being himself.”

Nowadays, the Brazilian model easily balances her work and family life perfectly.

Her Instagram post is flooded with work and quality time spent with family.

She has uploaded photos of her time in London with her dad and mom.

Likewise, Anne shares glimpses of her life with the NBA star husband and their baby boy, as well as a pet dog via Instagram.

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Meet Their Son, Arthur Elijah de Paula Embiid 

Joel and Anne became parents in September 2020 when their son Arthur Elijah de Paula Embiid was born.

This event started a big chapter in the Embiid family story. Joel even named his baby after his younger brother Arthur Elijah who had passed away in a car crash in 2014.

Joel and Anne enjoy watching Arthur Elijah grow up. They love seeing him learn new things.

Since the birth of Arthur, Joel and Anne’s home is full of happy sounds and warm feelings.

Joel Embiid with his wife and son.
Embiid’s wedding photo. (Photo Source: IG)

Without a doubt, Arthur Elijah makes their lives better. And they love their child very much.

For instance, Joel posted a pic on Instagram showing his sweet moment with his new baby boy.

The photo shows the NBA player cradling his newborn with tender care. He wrote under it,

“We are so blessed and fortunate to welcome our little boy in this family. First of 11 or more? Trying to convince her but I’m not winning so far.”

He added,

“I’m just trying to build a soccer team but for real I’m so excited for the future and my life has a new meaning.”

Joel also gave props to his wife for their son,

“Kudos to @annedepaula_ for being so strong and giving me the Greatest Gift our life can offer.”

Joel’s son’s arrival suggests he wants a big family.

He joked with his wife about having “11 or more” kids showing his humor and love as he thanked everyone for welcoming their new baby boy to the family.