Jockey Brian Hernandez Jr with his wife and three kids.

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Jockey Brian Hernandez’s Life With His Wife And Three Children

Brian Hernandez Jr. is a renowned jockey. His passion for horse racing is only rivaled by his devotion to family.

Amidst the thundering hooves and roaring crowds of the Kentucky Derby, Brian finds his greatest strength in the unwavering support of his loved ones.

Nestled in the heart of Simpsonville, his family’s farm becomes a haven of tradition and love each Derby season.

Generations collide as his Lafayette-born grandparents roll in with their RV, creating a cozy retreat alongside Brian and his beloved wife, Jamie.

With an outdoor screen broadcasting the races, delectable meals crafted with care, and the infectious laughter of grandchildren Joshlynn, Benjamin, and little Anabelle. And, the Hernandez clan basks in the warmth of togetherness.

Now we’ve talked about Brian’s father and siblings in another piece. So, here we will discuss Brian’s life as a devoted husband and doting father to three.

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Who Is Brian Hernandez’s Wife Jamie Hernandez?

Brian Hernandez finds his anchor in his beloved wife, Jamie Hernandez. Their love story, evident in their affectionate social media posts, paints a picture of unwavering devotion.

The celebrated jockey’s spouse Jamie’s maiden name is Radosevich. And, as a soulmate, she shares Brian’s passion for the racetrack.

A glimpse into their shared world reveals Jamie’s own prowess as a horse rider. That particular click is showcased by Brian on Facebook. Furthermore, according to Jamie’s Facebook, she worked at Fair Grounds Race Course and Slots.

Born on January 2, Jamie spent her formative years in Grove City, graduating from Grove City High School.

Their bond shines brightly, especially during special occasions, such as birthdays, as seen in Brian Jr.’s heartfelt Instagram tribute to his beloved wife in 2018.

Jockey Brian Hernandez Jr. and his wife in Bruno Mars Concert.
Brian Hernandez Jr with his wife in Bruno Mars Concert. (Photo Source: Instagram)

In a collage capturing cherished moments, Brian expressed his love with a touching caption, proof of their enduring partnership.

As Brian continues to gallop towards victory on the track, Jamie stands firmly by his side, a pillar of strength and love in his life.

Jockey Brian Hernandez Jr. And Jamie Hernandez’s Relationship Timeline

Brian Hernandez Jr. and his wife Jamie’s relationship timeline may not be extensively documented, but a glimpse into their journey reveals a love story worth celebrating.

Scouring through Brian Jr.’s Facebook reveals a touching moment: on September 25, 2023. It was the day he marked their 11th anniversary with heartfelt photos of Jamie and their children.

This poignant gesture hints at years filled with love and mutual support since their marriage in 2012.

Together, they’ve traversed life’s ups and downs, nurturing their family with the arrival of three little ones.

Brian’s first Instagram’s post itself features Jamie, underscoring her significance in his life from the very beginning.

Brian Hernandez Jr. And His Spouse Jamie Are Blessed With Three Children 

Brian Hernandez Jr. and his spouse Jamie have shared a remarkable journey together over the past decade. And, the best must be the joys of parenthood.

By now it’s clear that Brian Jr. and his wife are blessed with three children. And, they are proof of the duo’s enduring love and commitment.

Now, speaking of Brian Jr. and Jamie’s kids, leading the pack is their eldest daughter, Joshlynn. She turned nine on September 11, 2014.

After their firstborn, they welcomed their son Benjamin. Their only baby boy is 7 years old. He was born on June 29, 2016.

Jockey Brian Hernandez and his children.
Brian Hernandez Jr with his kids. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Likewise, completing the trio is their youngest daughter, Anabelle. And, the baby girl is four years old.

Each child brings a unique spark to the Hernandez household, deeply ingrained in their parents’ love for horse racing, as evidenced by their early affinity for riding.

The family of five shares precious moments together, whether it’s enjoying the beach, casting lines while fishing, or exploring new places.

Their home is also enriched by the presence of two beloved pet dogs, completing their happy family picture. One of their canine names is Rosco.

Through it all, Brian Jr. and Jamie’s bond remains steadfast, fostering a nurturing environment where love and adventure intertwine seamlessly.

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Brian Hernandez’s Life Best Part Of The Day Is Always Spending Time With His Kids 

Brian Hernandez often emphasizes that the highlight of his day is undoubtedly spending time with his children.

Through heartfelt social media posts, he shares glimpses of these cherished moments. In one clip, he exclaims,

“The best part of any day!! Kiddos are the best,”

capturing the joy his children bring.

Similarly, in another post, he lovingly showcases his two little ones, expressing,

“The best thing in the world is to come home to these 2 after work. Their mother @jamierad is a plus as well!”

These gestures underscore his deep affection for his family.

Jockey Brian Hernandez's wife and kids collage.
Brian Hernandez’s Instagram collage of his family. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Moreover, his Instagram feed reflects his dedication to creating memorable experiences for his children. For instance, clicks from their first movie outing, playing golf, and first fishing adventures.

Here’s A Clip Of Brian Jr.’s kids enjoying a merry-go-around.

Thus, whether it’s capturing their first swim or enjoying playful moments at the park, Brian Hernandez cherishes every opportunity to bond with his beloved kids.

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