Jockey Brian Hernandez with his son.

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Jockey Brian Hernandez’s Family Legacy: Horse Racing Heritage

Brian Hernandez Jr.’s recent triumph at the 2024 Kentucky Oaks not only showcased his prowess on the track. It also highlighted the unwavering support of his family.

Amidst the jubilation of victory, Brian took a moment to acknowledge the pivotal role his family played in his success. In addition, he mentioned the involvement of his family in the sport.

Recounting childhood dreams shared with his grandparents, he fulfilled a promise made long ago with his majestic win.

Beyond his own achievements, Brian’s family shares his passion for horse racing, with his father and two siblings also embracing the jockeying world.

Talking about his family life, glimpses from Brian’s Instagram reveal a new generation already captivated by the sport. His toddlers are pictured astride baby horses.

With three children of his own, Brian and his wife epitomize a family united by their love for the racetrack.

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Brian Hernandez’s Family: Who Are The Jockey’s Parents?

As mentioned, Brian Hernandez Jr.’s family boasts a deep-rooted connection to the world of jockeying. And, his parents played pivotal roles in shaping his career. He fondly shared about them after he won his recent title.

While information about his mother remains elusive, there will be hardly anyone who won’t know his father, Brian Hernandez Sr, in the jockey world. His dad is a prominent figure in the racing realm.

Speaking of Brian Sr, he embarked on his jockeying journey at Delta Downs in 1990. He clinched his maiden victory at the age of 24.

For a 24-year career, he amassed an impressive tally of 1,316 wins. Thus, showcasing his prowess on the tracks of southern Louisiana.

However, all good things must come to an end and Brian Sr.’s career was no different. So, Hernandez’s father retired from racing in 2014.

Jockey Brian Hernandez's family photo.
Jockey Brian Hernandez with his family after winning his first Churchill Downs riding title. (Photo Source: Blood Horse)

Although Brian Sr. put a full stop to his racing career, that didn’t stop him from being near to the sport he gave all of his life.

So, he seamlessly transitioned into the role of a valet at Evangeline Downs, exemplifying his dedication to the sport beyond the saddle.

Despite the modest description of his career as a “blue-collar journeyman,” Brian Sr.’s contributions to the racing community underscore a legacy of hard work and perseverance.

His journey serves as an inspiring backdrop to Brian Jr.’s own ascent in the sport, highlighting the enduring bond between generations of the Hernandez family and their shared passion as an equestrian.

Jockey Brian Hernandez’s Ethnicity And Nationality 

Brian “BJ” Hernandez Jr.’s ethnicity is often a topic of curiosity, given his Hispanic-sounding surname.

However, despite the assumption, Hernandez Jr. is not Latino or Cajun.

Born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, he hails from a background that defies such categorizations.

Despite his last name occasionally leading to misinterpretations, Hernandez Jr. is unequivocally an American who speaks only English.

Brian Hernandez Jr is parents to his three kids.
Brian Hernandez Jr and his children. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Growing up in the heart of Cajun country, he embodies the diverse cultural tapestry of Louisiana.

Born into a family of four children, his roots run deep in the vibrant community of Lafayette.

Therefore, while his last name may prompt assumptions, Hernandez Jr.’s nationality remains firmly American. And, he reflects the rich mosaic of identities that define the American experience.

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Meet Brian Hernandez’s Three Siblings: Two Brothers And A Sister 

Brian Jr.’s siblings share the spirited journey of the Hernandez family, each carving their own unique path in the racing world and beyond.

Where Brian Jr’ made a name and fortune as a jockey, his siblings are working their way to be like him and their father.

Colby Hernandez, the younger brother of Brian Jr., mirrors his sibling’s passion for the sport.

As a seasoned jockey, Colby boasts an impressive track record with over 1,000 career wins.

His remarkable talent consistently places him among the top riders at esteemed racetracks like Delta Downs and Evangeline Downs in Louisiana.

Similarly, Brian’s youngest sibling and the sole sister, Courtney Hernandez, brings her own flair to the family’s racing legacy.

Brian Hernandez Jr's brother.
Brian Hernandez’s brother is riding a horse. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Embarking on her professional riding career in 2022, Courtney swiftly made her mark by clinching her maiden victory at Delta Downs. And, her determination and skill promise a bright future in the competitive world of horse racing.

Completing the trio is Corey Hernandez. He is Courtney’s twin brother. This makes him the youngest brother in Hernandez’s family.

Talking about Corey, his interests diverge from the equestrian arena.

While not captivated by horses like his siblings, Corey’s passion lies in the world of automobiles.

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