Jefferson Lerma says the family is everything.

Bibek Rai

Jefferson Lerma Says The Family Is Everything

Jefferson Lerma places family at the heart of his life and career.

One of the heartfelt posts on his Instagram mentioned,

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”

This is the common thread that runs through his social media, where he shares moments of being with his wife, children, and the rest of the family so often.

Therefore, deep affection for loved ones seeps from each post, portraying joy and support in the same way.

Their unwavering support has undeniably played a significant role in his career success.

Whether on the field or off, Lerma consistently makes time for his family.

He demonstrates that his devotion to them is as strong as his commitment to football.

Likewise, the Colombian professional footballer’s family’s love and encouragement are a cornerstone of his achievements.

Jefferson Lerma Is Married To His Wife Karoll Osorio

Jefferson Lerma’s wife’s name is Karoll Osorio. And she isn’t a new face for his Instagram followers.

The Colombian midfielder often posts pictures with his partner.

Still, Lerma keeps the details of their relationship private, even though they show affection in public.

Due to this, fans don’t know how they met or when they decided to get serious.

Jefferson Lerma and his wife.
Jefferson Lerma with his partner. (Photo Source: IG)

Similarly, Karoll uses social media, but her account is private, which adds more privacy to their personal lives.

This helps them enjoy their relationship without too much public attention.

Lerma and Osorio don’t share much about their love story, but their social media posts show how happy they are together.

Their relationship, while private, seems to be a key part of Lerma’s life, giving him support both in his personal life and career.

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They Are Raising Three Kids Together 

Jefferson Lerma and Karoll Osorio, his wife, enjoy a happy life together with their three kids.

The pair has two boys and a girl, forming a tight family group.

Lerma often posts pictures of his children on social media, showing how much joy and love they add to his life.

Jefferson Lerma and his eldest son.
Jefferson Lerma with his eldest son. (Photo Source: IG)

He calls them his,

“best team.”

Lerma’s posts often show the good times he has with his kids, stressing how much they mean to him.

He says,

“Quality time with them, my biggest motivation.”

These peeks into their home life show the strong bond and happiness they find when they’re together.

Jefferson Lerma and his wife with their kids.
Jefferson Lerma and his partner with their daughter and younger son. (Photo Source: IG)

The love and care Lerma has for his family are clear, giving him the drive and backing he needs for his work.

Even with his busy job, he always puts his family first, showing how he keeps a balance between his home and work lives.

The Lerma family’s togetherness strikes a chord with their fans, moving many with their close-knit bond and heartfelt interactions.