JaNa Craig's rhinoplasty journey has been shared on her TikTok aaccount.

Bibek Rai

Love Island Cast JaNa Craig’s Rhinoplasty Journey

JaNa Craig rose to prominence when she joined Love Island USA Season 6.

She is a 27-year-old day trader from Las Vegas, Nevada.

She is active on social media, keeping her followers informed about her life, like her rhinoplasty.

This Hawaiian beauty has shared her rhinoplasty journey on TikTok, earning respect for her openness.

With her appealing personality and real views on her life, Craig has become a favorite person both on and off the screen.

JaNa Craig’s Rhinoplasty Details  

JaNa Craig’s rhinoplasty journey can be found on her TikTok account, as she kept her fans updated about it.

In her initial video shared 12 weeks after her operation in 2023, she observed that there were no big changes.

Yet, the right side of her nose seemed more shaped than the left side.

JaNa Craig posing for camera.
JaNa Craig has worked on her nose. (Photo Source: IG)

Moreover, JaNa talked about feeling a bit of itching.

In addition to sharing updates, she invited anyone interested in this surgery to send her a direct message on Instagram to get her doctor’s information.

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She Gave Another Update After 19 Weeks

JaNa Craig gave a second update 19 weeks after the surgery. She shared more about her experience.

The Love Island star mentioned that her nose bridge now has increased sharpness. She also showed a scar in her rib area from where the bone was taken for her nose tip.

She also mentioned, that her doctors used an areolase laser for this surgery.

Before the procedure, JaNa’s nose was flat, but now it features a “cute little tip.”

JaNa Craig on TikTok talking about her nose job.
JaNa Craig sharing her nose job journey. (Photo Source: IG)

JaNa said her visit to the doctor was $800, and her surgery cost her $6,000.

But, including a week at the hotel, ozone therapy, medicine, and travel, the final amount was $7,900.

By sharing these details, JaNa gives a complete view of the expenses and steps involved in her rhinoplasty.

Here’s Craig Thoughts On Her Rhinoplasty After 1 Year

Celebrating a year after JaNa Craig’s rhinoplasty, she shared more about her journey.

She was happy with how her nose looked and pointed out that the major changes happened in the first eight months.

JaNa Craig in beach.
JaNa Craig is happy with her nose job. (Photo Source: IG)

She also mentioned that other people who had the same surgery said there might be minor changes in the following 2–3 months.

JaNa also gave her followers tips on getting ready for nose surgery.

She outlined the needed processes, medications, and how to care after the surgery.

Love Island Cast Craig’s Plastic Surgery Details

Love Island participant JaNa Craig has talked about her nose surgery, yet fans are curious if she had more work done.

Comparing her new photos with older ones, it looks like she might have gotten lip fillers because her lips look bigger.

JaNa Craig before photo from her graduation day.
JaNa Craig photo from 2020. (Photo Source: IG)

People also think she might have had breast augmentation. But these ideas are not confirmed.

Craig talking about her nose job has made her fans talk more about other possible beauty work.

However, until she talks about these rumors, they are just rumors.