Jalin Turner is married to his wife, Mary.

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Jalin Turner And His Partner Are Raising 2 Fearless Children

Jalin Turner’s fans eagerly wait for his showdown with Renato Moicano at UFC 300 on Saturday, April 13, 2024.

This has sparked an immense interest in both fighters. With the spotlight on them, fans crave insight into their personal lives.

In this article, we delve into Jalin’s life as a devoted husband and father. Learn about his wife, their two children, and the man behind the moniker “The Tarantula.”

Heads up! Beyond his accomplishments in the ring, Jalin has found success offstage, generously sharing his prosperity with his cherished family.

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Jalin Turner Got Himself A Supportive Partner And It Seems They Are Married 

In 2018, as Jalin Turner prepared to enter the T-Mobile Arena, his sweetheart stood among the supportive crowd, marking a significant moment in their relationship.

Soon after the media outlets began referring to his girlfriend as his fiancée. And, this indicates a step forward in their commitment.

During the same 2018 event, Turner was backed not only by his mother, sister, and fiancée but also by his soon-to-be father-in-law. So, the fighter has a supportive family.

Jalin Turner is married to his partner Mary Turner.
Jalin Turner’s wife stays out of the spotlight. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Fast forward to 2024, and recent articles now identify Turner’s then-fiancée as his wife. Further sites, note his significant other as Mary Turner.

Despite this, details about their relationship remain scarce in the media, including the date of their wedding and other significant milestones.

While it’s clear that Turner has found a supportive partner in Mary, the specifics of their relationship remain private for now.

Jalin Turner, “The Tarantula,” Enjoys Fatherhood Raising Two Fearless Children

Jalin Turner, known as “The Tarantula,” shares a journey of parenthood with his wife, Mary, raising two resilient children.

Scrolling through the 6-foot-3 Southern Californian’s Instagram reveals snapshots of his kids fearlessly embracing experiences that might unsettle others their age.

Notably, they play with tarantulas, creatures that typically evoke fear in children.

Turner, who once grappled with arachnophobia himself, now maintains a collection of these hairy creatures, having confronted and overcome his fear.

Jalin Turner with his son and daughter
Jalin Turner with his kids. (Photo Source: Instagram)

It seems he’s passing on a valuable lesson to his children: confronting and accepting fears.

Through playful interactions with tarantulas, Turner demonstrates resilience and the ability to move forward despite initial apprehension.

His actions serve as a powerful example, showing his children how to navigate challenges and grow stronger in the process.

As “The Tarantula” fosters bravery and resilience in his children, he also showcases the transformative power of facing fears head-on, preparing them for the challenges they may encounter in life.

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Like Father, Like Son: Jalin Turner’s Baby Boy Birthday Falls On End Of December

Jalin Turner’s son, Jeziah, celebrates his birthday at the end of December, as reported by Yahoo.

In a December 3, 2013 article, Turner expressed his excitement, stating,

“My son’s birthday is at the end of this month, so that was a big win for me. I want to throw him a nice party and close out the year properly and just focus on 2024.”

Jalin Turner has two kids with his partner.
Jalin Turner loves to spend time with his kids. (Photo Source: Instagram)

This sentiment followed his receipt of a $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus for his finish.

Further, Turner often shares glimpses of his father-son bond on Instagram, captioning one post with “Like father, like son.”

The accompanying clip features the duo engaging in push-ups at the gym, showcasing their shared commitment to fitness.

Additionally, Turner’s son, Jeziah, is seen practicing boxing moves, reflecting his father’s athletic influence.

Jalin Turner Posted A Video On Instagram Of His Daughter With Snake Tiara 

Talking about Jalin Turner’s second kid, he is blessed with a baby girl. Indeed, with his wife the UFC star welcomed a baby girl into his life.

Like his son, Turner often shares moments with his daughter on Instagram. One notable post features a video of his daughter wearing a snake as a tiara, captioned affectionately as,

“My princess with a snake tiara.”

It’s worth noting that the snake is non-poisonous, dispelling any concerns.

Jalin Turner's mom with his kids.
Jalin Turner’s mother with his babies. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Further, it also clears up that tarantulas aren’t the only unconventional pets in the family.

Turner has also referenced his daughter as “Princess Tarantula” and his son as “Prince Tarantula” online.

So, through these playful posts, Turner showcases his fondness for his children and their shared adventurous spirit.

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