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Jalin Turner Grew Up In Christian Family

Curiosity abounds among netizens regarding Jalin Turner’s family background, particularly his early life and religious beliefs.

Born on May 18, 1995, in San Bernardino, California, Turner was raised in a Christian household by his parents.

Growing up in a challenging neighborhood, attending Summit High School, he defied the odds and emerged as a notable figure in the realm of American mixed martial arts.

Garnering the nickname “The Tarantula,” Turner’s journey from adversity to acclaim intrigues many.

Amidst the fascination, questions linger about his faith, family dynamics, and siblings.

So, keep on reading this article to find out more about his parents and sisters.

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Jalin Turner’s Religion Is Christian

Jalin Turner’s religion is Christianity and it is rooted in his upbringing. While there isn’t an official statement online, his social media presence indicates his Christian faith.

Turner’s Instagram posts often express his devotion to Christianity, evident in one particular highlight where he reflects on its significance in his life.

Additionally, his Instagram bio prominently features a Christian cross emoji.

Moreover, Turner’s expressions of gratitude towards Jesus Christ in various clips further affirm his Christian beliefs.

He has also shared videos of himself purchasing Christian cross jewelry and attending Christian events, along with moments where he’s seen reading the Bible.

Jalin Turner's family photo.
Jalin Turner with his sister, kids, niece, nephew, and mother. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Turner’s social media activity underscores the role of Christianity in shaping his journey and achieving success.

His posts convey a deep connection to his faith, highlighting its importance in guiding his path in life.

So, Jalin Turner’s religious identity is firmly rooted in Christianity, as evidenced by his personal reflections and public expressions of devotion on social media platforms.

Jalin Turner Is The Youngest Child Of His Parents 

Jalin Turner grew up alongside his two elder sisters, LaKisha Shaw and Keidra Turner.

Despite limited information about his father, Turner’s close bond with his mother, Dee Turner, is evident through their shared presence in his social media posts and various online articles.

Moreover, the Californian fighter’s mother is also active on Instagram. And, one of her posts is about her sister who turned 90 in 2022. She wrote the caption,

“What a birthday celebration for my sister in Christ. She has been blessed with 90 years on this earth.”

This caption also proves that Turner’s family are devoted Christians.

Jalin Turner's elder sister LaKisha.
Jalin Turner’s sister LaKisha is close to his kids. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Talking about his early life, Turner grew up as the youngest child of his parents. And, he spent his formative years alongside his sisters.

They frequently feature in his social media content, reflecting the strong familial ties they share.

A particular post showcases the trio enjoying a meal together, accompanied by their mother and children.

LaKisha, also known as Kisha, maintains a social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

While her profession as a teacher is hinted at in her bio, it is confirmed through her TikTok page, @auntieareyouateacher.

Her posts not only reveal her profession but also highlight her close relationship with her niece and nephews, portraying her love for teaching and nurturing her family.

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Jalin Turner’s Sister Keidra Turner Is The Mother To Three Children With Her Fiance 

Jalin Turner’s sister, Keidra Turner, has embraced parenthood, recently welcoming her third child with her fiancé.

As a mother of three, she and her partner navigate the joys and challenges of raising their children, while Jalin, the UFC star, is a father to two.

Keidra’s partner, known on Instagram as @influencetheworldcb, is a video creator whose profile features a variety of food-related content. Additionally, he operates an official website selling merchandise for Influence The World.

Jalin Turner's sister pregnant photo alongside her kids and partner.
Jalin Turner’s sister Keidra with her partner and their kids. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Their youngest daughter, Sayree, was born on March 15, 2023, adding to the Turner family’s joy.

They also celebrate the birthday of their elder daughter on August 26. Alongside their daughters, they have a son completing their family unit.

Therefore, Jalin’s sister and her fiancé are actively engaged in nurturing their growing family, with the recent addition of their youngest daughter marking another milestone in their journey of parenthood.

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