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Fact Check: Is Ronna McDaniel Related To Mitt Romney?

Curiosity abounds as netizens inquire: Are Ronna McDaniel and Mitt Romney related? The answer may surprise you.

Well, they are indeed related. But how exactly are they connected, and what does their relationship entail? Delve deeper into this article to uncover the ties that bind them.

However, before we unravel the intricacies of their lineage, it’s worth noting that Ronna McDaniel finds herself in the spotlight for reasons beyond familial connections.

Recently appointed as an NBC News contributor, her hiring has sparked controversy. This has drawn attention to her role in the media landscape.

Interestingly, despite this development, MSNBC has made it clear they have no intention of featuring the former RNC chairwoman on their cable network.

Join us as we explore the intertwined narratives of family and professional dynamics in the realms of politics and media.

How Are Ronna McDaniel And Mitt Romney Related?

As mentioned earlier, Ronna McDaniel and Mitt Romney are indeed related, but how exactly?

They share a familial bond. To be specific, Ronna McDaniel is Mitt Romney’s niece, making Mitt Romney her uncle.

This familial connection sheds light on McDaniel’s close ties to the Romney family. Furthermore, Ronna has worked on her uncle’s campaign.

Notably, McDaniel actively participated in her uncle Mitt’s 2012 presidential campaign, particularly focusing her efforts in Michigan.

Ronna McDaniel in pink suit.
Ronna McDaniel is a politician. (Photo Source: WSJ)

Through these shared political endeavors and family bonds, the relationship between Ronna McDaniel and Mitt Romney is not only familial but also intertwined with their respective roles in American politics.

Her journey in politics traces back to her work for former GOP chairwoman Meghan McCain, before joining the Romney campaign in 2012.

McDaniel’s political ascent continued as she assumed the role of Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair in 2018, playing a pivotal role in President Trump’s re-election campaign in 2020.

Ronna McDaniel Is Third Of Five Children Of Her Parents

Ronna McDaniel’s family dynamic extends beyond her renowned uncle, Mitt Romney. Growing up, she shared her childhood with four siblings.

She is the third among five children of her father and mother. Talking about her parents, her mom Ronna Stern Romney, and dad Scott Romney, played significant roles in shaping her upbringing.

Her mother, Ronna Stern Romney, not only served as an American Republican politician but also held the mantle of a former radio talk show host.

It’s evident that McDaniel inherited her political inclination from her mother, following in her footsteps to become deeply involved in the political arena.

Ronna McDaniel and her dad.
Ronna McDaniel with her father. (Photo Source: Facebook)

Meanwhile, her dad Scott Romney is a lawyer. Furthermore, her dad is the son of George W. Romney. So, her grandfather was the former chairman and president of AMC and a former Governor of Michigan.

The Romney family history imbued McDaniel’s upbringing with a rich legacy of political engagement and public service.

Speaking of her parents’ relationship, Ronna and Scott, exchanged vows in 1967. Their union marked the beginning of a journey that would see the emergence of a family deeply rooted in both politics and community service.

As per the sources, her mother converted to Mormonism after meeting her father. Obviously, like most newlywed couples they had a blast with each other. However, it seems things between them faded with time.

Gradually, McDainel’s parents found it hard to sustain what they had with each other. Therefore, subsequently, they parted ways in 1992.

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Ronna McDaniel’s Immediate Family Includes Her Husband And Their Two Kids

Further talking about Ronna McDaniel’s personal life, her immediate family comprises her husband, Patrick McDaniel. Further, she is the mother to her two children.

Her spouse, Patrick, is a successful businessman. He stood by Ronna’s side and provided unwavering support throughout her career.

Their story began after Ronna graduated from Brigham Young University when she was working at a consulting firm in Washington, D.C., and Patrick entered her life.

Having pursued his education at Ohio State University and Brigham Young University, Patrick has been a steadfast companion to Ronna, sharing in her journey of professional growth.

Ronna McDaniel with her husband and kids.
Ronna McDaniel with her husband, son, and daughter. (Photo Source: Freep)

Together, Ronna and Patrick are proud parents to their two kids, Nash McDaniel and Abigail McDaniel.

Residing in Northville, Michigan, the McDaniel family nurtures their household with love and dedication.

While Ronna forges her path in the political arena, Patrick stands as her anchor, ensuring their family remains a supportive and nurturing environment.

With their children by their side, the McDaniels embody the essence of familial strength and unity, enriching their lives with shared moments and cherished memories.

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