Is Olivier Rioux suffering from any disease?

Nabin Ghyapchan

Is Olivier Rioux Suffering From Any Disease? Redditors Worries About His Health

Is Olivier Rioux suffering from any disease? He stands tall at an unbelievable 7 feet 9 inches (2.36 m), not only for his age.

The Canadian basketball prodigy has made the rounds all over the internet and is now recognized as the world’s tallest teenager by the Guinness World Records.

Now, overnight, this turns him into a sensation for his prowess on the basketball court.

But his quick success in stardom has even made followers doubt specific health issues of his.

Does Olivier Rioux suffer from any disease, or is this remarkable stature only a unique feature this young athlete possesses?

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Olivier Rioux Isn’t Suffering From Any Diseases

As already stated, Olivier Rioux took the world by storm and was called the tallest teenager in the world, towering at 7 feet 7 inches but 7 feet 9 inches with shoes.

Due to his exceptional height, many people question, “Is Olivier Rioux suffering from any disease?” And they wonder if his physical stature has something to do with it.

But we would say that it is not so. And let us make it clear that there is no official statement or any online medical document that shows any disease has made Rioux sick.

In addition, as seen in recent photos and videos, appearances in front of the public by this Canadian basketball sensation present an active and prospering young athlete.

Olivier Rioux's photo from his Instagram.
Olivier Rioux is 7 ft 7 in tall without his shoes. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Therefore, concerns over his height and thinking he is unhealthy do not seem to have firm ground yet.

Still, for all those who are curious about why he was sticking out with such an appearance, here is what Rioux and his doctor tell them: that it’s all in the genes.

Rioux himself has said,

“We’re still not 100% sure why I’m so tall … doctors could only explain it with my family’s genetics.”

Hence, Olivier Rioux’s head and shoulders above everyone else are a genetic gift, not because he suffers from a disorder.

His health is excellent; that is why he performs so well on the basketball court and will rise further to stardom.

No, Olivier Rioux Doesn’t Have Gigantism

He stands at a height of 7 feet 9 inches (2.36 m), and being a professional basketball player from Canada has sparked speculation about him having gigantism.

Of course, Rioux and his doctors stated that the cause of his incredible stature is mainly genetics. His father is 6’8″, his mother is 6’2″, and his older brother is 6’9″.

While this provides a genetic basis for his incredible stature, the condition cannot explain everything.

Rioux himself said that doctors aren’t “100% sure” about the cause of his height.

Olivier Rioux holding his Guinness World Records' certificate.
Olivier Rioux is a Guinness World Records holder. (Photo Source: Instagram)

So, many questions like “Does Olivier Rioux have gigantism?” seem reasonable.

Still, the diagnosis of gigantism, however, is not dependent only on height measurements.

Indeed, other criteria include biochemical tests measuring growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) in the blood, along with imaging studies looking for a pituitary tumor.

In addition, other physical characteristics that may be observed in cases of gigantism include enlarged hands and feet, facial features, and increased muscle mass.

Furthermore, gigantism can also cause other symptoms like headaches, problems with vision, excessive sweating, fatigue, increased appetite, and thirst, among others.

However, Rioux doesn’t seem to suffer from any of the symptoms right now. While playing and on any other occasion, he seems athletic and healthy.

If we consider this, then Rioux doesn’t have gigantism. Still, future medical diagnoses will thus come in handy to ascertain the case.

Until then, Oliver’s tall height should safely be said to emanate from genetics rather than gigantism.

Redditors Worry About Olivier Rioux’s Health: Here’s What They’re Talking About

Olivier Rioux’s extraordinary height and sporting prowess may have attracted the international community’s attention, but concerns have also been raised about his health.

It’s pretty much clear by now. So, what is the world talking about when it comes to his height and health?

Well, discussions on Reddit consider which medical problems would occur with such a stunning size of a Canadian basketball player.

Many are concerned that Rioux, at almost 8 feet, is prone to heart problems. In addition, he is still growing; there are so many who worry.

Comments such as

“Very tough on the heart,”

“I think it’s their heart that gets the big fellas.”

epitomize the most common concerns about the stress his height could put on his cardiovascular system.

Olivier Rioux besides his car in snowy day.
Olivier Rioux’s tall stature with athletic gameplay are praised by many. (Photo Source: Instagram)

For others, the gravity problem comes in when they say reduced oxygen levels simply add more height to the enormous pressure on the heart.

Furthermore, orthopedic issues are also of great concern, and a few Redditors commented that this will undoubtedly cause back and knee problems.

Redditors comment on Olivier Rioux's health.
Redditors on Olivier Rioux’s health. (Photo Source: Reddit)

As one of the comments noted,

“Plus, giants like these usually die early and have lots of back problems.”

Yet, with all the above concerns, they value the athleticism of Rioux and his health; the commentators cede to his talent and hope for the best for him.

“Wishing this young man a long life.”

In general, although the future health of Rioux causes concern among Redditors, it does not impede admiring skills and wishing a person great success and long-term well-being.