Is Neil Friske married?

Bibek Rai

Is Neil Friske Married? Meet His 4 Children And 5 Grandkids

Is Neil Friske married? He is the State Representative of Charlevoix, Michigan, running on the Republican ticket.

However, recently, Friske has made headlines for something other than his public service.

On June 21, 2024, Friske was arrested on sexual assault and non-sexual assault charges, as well as weapons charges.

The incident took place outside his Lansing condo and drew a police response regarding reports of a man with a gun and possible shots being fired.

Although he was released without charges, the investigation is set to continue. Furthermore, Friske’s campaign still argues that the timing was suspicious.

And amidst the controversy, there’s one thing everyone is left asking:

What about his personal life? Is Neil Friske married? Well, he is currently unmarried.

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Is Neil Friske Married? No, He Is Not

Is Neil Friske married? No, he is not. The State Representative from Charlevoix, Michigan, is unmarried.

There is a chance Friske was once married, as he is the father of five.

However, as to the details of his wedding and divorce, there is not a clear piece of information or record accessible to the public online.

Neil Friske’s social media accounts are mum in the presence of a significant other.

He mentions his family in some posts, but there are no photos or mentions of a wife or romantic partner.

Neil Friske is unmarried.
Neil Friske supports Trump. (Photo Source: Instagram)

The lack of such data contributes to the growing assumption that there is no record in the public realm of Friske having any serious romantic relationships.

Even more telling is the fact that before moving into this residence, Friske rented an apartment in Lansing with State Representative Mike Hoadley.

According to the reporter who covered the story, Hoadley said,

“Being a single man, he (Neil Friske) never brought any women home or any shenanigans.”

With all that clamor and keen interest in his personal life, the current status of Neil Friske is pretty straightforward.

The most correct answer to the above question would be: Neil Friske is unmarried.

Who Are Neil Friske’s Five Children? Know His Sons

Neil Friske is a lifelong Northern Michigan resident born in Petoskey and raised near Charlevoix on the family farm, Friske Orchards.

The state lawmaker has four sons and five grandchildren, so he likes family time. Furthermore, all of his boys are happily married.

Friske himself clarified that via an Instagram post. His youngest, Justin, was the last one to share wedding vows.

Justin walked down the aisle in 2022 in Cancun, Mexico, to his then-long-time romantic partner, Melody.

Neil Friske's sons on his youngest boy wedding.
Neil Friske is the father to his four sons. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Friske also shared about his eldest son Neil’s marriage. His oldest boy is married to his soulmate, Liza.

Moreover, Friske’s son Neil and daughter-in-law Liza are parents to their three children: Jane, Ford, and Wilson.

The family is very close to each other. And Neil is a person who usually tries to show people how proud he is of his sons and their families.

So, though Neil is an unmarried man, he demonstrates his sense of family pride through his four sons’ success and the development of their own families.

Neil Friske As Grandfather To His Five GrandKids

Neil Friske is the proud father of four kids and has five grandchildren.

An Ellsworth High School alumni, Neil can be found uploading pictures very often on social media with his family, where he expresses his love for them elaborately.

On those social media posts, Neil is seen enjoying his time with his grandchildren and is commonly seen taking photos with them.

For instance, on September 30, 2022, Neil posted a picture of his fifth grandchild, Wilson Wilber-Force Friske.

Neil Friske's family photo
Neil Friske with his family. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Neil’s youngest grandson was born on September 24, 2022, to his eldest son, Neil, and daughter-in-law, Liza.

In his caption, Neil expressed his joy in welcoming Wilson to the family and how that was special because Wilson shares a birthday with his great-grandmother, Oma.

Earlier, on July 31, 2022, Neil posted another touching moment holding one of his grandsons and expressing his delight in spending time with his

“precious baby grandson.”

These posts reflect Neil’s gratitude and appreciation for the blessings of family.

Despite the controversies around him, Neil Friske’s role as a grandfather and his love for his grandchildren were straightforward and sincere.