Is Jacob Shaffelburg married?

Yogesh Gurung

Is Jacob Shaffelburg Married? Dive Into His Love Life, Wife, And Kids!

With Copa América being the talk of the town, football fans have their heads turned towards one rising star, Jacob Shaffelburg.

This Canadian striker has made quite the buzz for himself, earning the nickname “Maritime Messi” in the process.

He got that nickname due to his impressive soccer skills and his rise from the Maritimes region of Canada.

As the spotlight is on him, many of his newfound fans find themselves interested in his personal life.

They’re asking, Is Jacob Shaffelburg married? If not, does he have a girlfriend, or is he single?

So, let us look more deeply into Shaffelburg’s relationship status.

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Is Jacob Shaffelburg Married? A Look Into His Love Life

Is Jacob Shaffelburg married? The answer is no, but his bachelor days are numbered.

The Canadian forward is currently engaged to his bride-to-be, Robyne Shaffelburg.

So, not yet married, Shaffelburg is off the market and plans to lead a happily married life with his fiancée.

Similarly, his partner, Robyne, has already taken his last name. Further, she frequently appears in public to support him.

Talking more about Jacob and Robyne’s engagement, they shared the rings at the end of 2022.

But the duo announced it only in 2023 on their corresponding Instagram handles.

Jacob Shaffelburg and his girlfriend first photo online.
Jacob and Robyne smiling. (Photo Source: Instagram)

On January 3, 2023, Jacob shared a few beautiful pictures from his proposal day with Robyne. The following day, Robyne shared even more photos of the special day.

Wedding bells will not be ringing yet, however. Engaged they may be, but according to Robyne’s dad, this newly engaged couple will become man and wife in December 2024.

Likewise, the couple has also kept their relationship timeline private, leaving fans curious about how their love story began.

However, they first posted each other on social media in 2021 and have since become no strangers to their followers, sharing moments from their lives.

This suggests that they have dated for over two years before engagement.

Jacob Shaffelburg And Robyne Shaffelburg Are Pregnant And Expecting Their First Kid

Jacob Shaffelburg and his bride-to-be, Robyne Shaffelburg, are both engaged and expectant parents of their first baby.

The Canadian soccer player is now waiting for his baby; thus, his fiancee-turned-girlfriend is pregnant.

Jacob Shaffelburg and his bride-to-be Robyne is pregnant.
Jacob’s partner Robyne with baby bump. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Their recent Instagram feed is full of Robyne’s baby bump photos.

In a moving revelation, the two shared that they are having a baby girl.

Their fans, who have been following their journey closely, have been delighted.

The prospective parents are excited about having their daughter, making it a new and happy chapter in their lives.

As Jacob and Robyne stride into the roles of married couple and parents, their love story continues to captivate their followers.

Who Is Jacob Shaffelburg’s Wife-To-Be Robyne?

Jacob Shaffelburg’s future wife, Robyne Shaffelburg, was born on July 31, 2020. She is an athlete.

Robyne used to play volleyball. She also mentioned being a

“very proud setter.”

Similarly, Shaffelburg’s girlfriend-turned-fiancée Instagram posts boast of her sporting capabilities and passion for sports.

In terms of family, Robyne’s parents are Melinda Mosher and Peter Simmons, who are separated now.

In the later years, Simmons married again and his current wife’s name is Lisa Strong.

However, before Robyne’s dad and mom ended their marriage, they gave birth to four children.

Jacob Shaffelburg's wife-to-be Robyne's siblings.
Robyne is sister to her three siblings. (Photo Source: Instagram)

So, that makes Robyne have three other siblings. She has a brother named Jaxson Simmons, a fitness digital creator.

Likewise, her older sister, Taylor Simmons, is married to drummer Randy Leger.

Besides this, Robyne has a sister whose name is Avery. Her younger sibling makes numerous appearances on Robyne’s social media.

Robyne’s strong family ties and athletic background provide a glimpse into her supportive and dynamic personality.

Furthermore, her transition from athlete to support crew to Jacob Shaffelburg has continued to inspire their followers as they both forge forward into the future.