Saweetie has done breast augmentation and fans speculate BBL.

Nabin Ghyapchan

How Saweetie Looked Before Her Plastic Surgery? Let’s Talk About Her BBL And Breast Augmentation

Well, Saweetie is one to dodge questions about cosmetic changes.

However, there was a time when she spilled the beans on her plastic surgery. It even caused a storm on Twitter.

Saweetie’s Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and breast implant are constantly in the headlines and raise people’s interest in her pre-surgery look.

Now, let us dive into Saweetie’s transformation: how she has evolved in terms of looks over the years and what impact such candidness has on her persona.

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This Is How Saweetie Looked Before Her First Plastic Surgery

Ever wonder how Saweetie looked before her plastic surgery? Let us tell you that her cuteness never faded.

The Bay Area native always looked beautiful, and her early social media posts are proof of that.

She was just as beautiful then as she is now. In her physical appearance, however, some features have changed since the early days.

Most of the changes can be considered natural, but Saweetie has confessed to going for plastic surgery on some body parts.

Still, the rapper was already gorgeous before her body modifications, but she looks more beautiful after going through those surgical procedures.

Saweetie before surgery photo from 2016.
Saweetie’s before plastic surgery in 2016. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Currently, Saweetie’s body appears smoother and thicker compared to some years ago.

Obviously, cosmetic procedures played some roles, as Saweetie herself shared that she spent her first big check on a boob job in 2018.

So, marking 2018, images from before and after this time allow appreciation of the natural look.

Likewise, her Instagram photos from 2015 and 2016 depict a teenage Saweetie with another look, which is equally charming.

Saweetie’s First Big Check Went Into Her Breast Augmentation

It’s safe to say that people were low-key shaken when Saweetie revealed that she had spent her first big check on breast augmentation back in 2018.

During a quick interview, she mentioned her first show in Turkey dating back to 2018, netting ten bands from “Icy Grl.”

In a moment of candidness, the Icy Grl’s rapper said she spent that money on breast surgery.

How Saweetie Looked Before Her First Plastic Surgery?
Saweetie’s fans speculate she received BBL. (Photo Source: Instagram)

So, one can assume that Saweetie’s big surgery happened in 2018, if not her first.

Notable differences in her photographs have shown evident after-effects of her choices.

Saweetie’s openness in stating the decision to go under the knife basically boils down to her confidence and sense of agency in making personal decisions about her body.

What To Know About Saweetie’s BBL Or Buttock Augmentation?

The rumored Brazilian Butt Lift of Saweetie has recently raised quite a stir on social media.

Unfortunately, there is no official report. However, most people have been led to believe that she had a butt-lift done on her.

This can be seen from Boosie Badazz’s speculation in a comment. The rapper talked about the transformation Saweetie had made with her looks. Thus insinuating that she had cosmetic surgery.

Saweetie's before and after photo.
On the left is Saweetie in 2016 and on the right is Saweetie as of 2024. (Photo Source: Instagram)

This act leads to broader discussions on the influence of plastic surgery on women’s bodies and the perception of beauty standards.

The growing controversy around whether or not Saweetie might have gone through with a BBL further intensifies the debate about authenticity and self-image in entertainment.

Changes to the body within celebrity identity are read through the looking glass as reflections on social norms regarding cosmetic intervention.

Nevertheless, whether or not Saweetie got a BBL is still unanswered by the rapper. So, for the time being, there is nothing to comment on this topic.