Ashlyn Krueger with her dinner.

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Does Ashlyn Krueger Have A Brother Or Sister? Everything On Her Family Here

Ashlyn Krueger, the rising star of American tennis, quickly surged through the doubles circuit. In 2024, she had won her first WTA title.

Her rise was highlighted with a massive victory in the 2021 US Open junior girls’ doubles. Now, fresh from her career-best performance, Ashlyn is set on more accomplishments.

Fans, who go beyond the court achievement, want to know more about Krueger’s personal life, most especially about her family background.

So, keep reading to know more about her siblings, background, and parents. Also, find out if she shares family bonds with Mitchell Krueger, another tennis star.

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Get To Know Ashlyn Krueger: Does She Have A Brother Or Sister?

Does Ashlyn Krueger have a brother or sister? Well, to put it straight, Krueger does not have any brothers.

Indeed, Ashlyn Krueger doesn’t have a brother but has a pretty sister named Avery Krueger.

Recently, Ashlyn had her time and shared pictures with Avery from their adventure in Paris.

Ashlyn Krueger with her sister in Paris.
Ashlyn Krueger and her sister enjoying a day out together. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Fans posted how they looked so identical and close to each other. “Literally twins,” “Cutest sisters,” and “There are two ashlyns,” were some of the comments streaming under that Instagram post.

Ashlyn’s youngest sister, Avery Krueger, does enjoy sports. However, her true passion lies in horse riding, in which she is a great jockey.

Avery’s Instagram account is saturated with images of her competing alongside her favorite horse, Quinten.

Ashlyn Krueger's sister riding a horse.
Ashlyn Krueger’s younger sister is a jockey. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Ashlyn, meanwhile, is on the brink of starting her tennis career, while Avery will be heading into the world of equestrian sport, displaying the same kind of athleticism but in a different domain.

Their sisterly bond transcends their relationship, extending to a mutual passion for their respective sports, winning over fans on social media.

Is Ashlyn Krueger Related To Tennis Player Mitchell Krueger? Are They Family?

Are Ashlyn Krueger and Mitchell Krueger related? They are both professional American tennis players who hail from Texas, but they are not siblings.

Although many people think they are related because they share the same surname, Ashlyn Krueger is not associated with Mitchell Krueger.

She is younger than Mitchell by precisely ten years. And, though they both come from Texas, Mitchell Krueger was born to his father, Myron, and mother, Marla.

Ashlyn Krueger in the left and Tennis Player Mitchell Krueger on the right.
Ashlyn Krueger and Mitchell Krueger are unrelated. (Photo Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Ashlyn Krueger has an entirely different family background and was born to her parents, Franchel and Mr. Krueger.

This explains and rules out any misinterpretation for the fans who may have had doubts about their blood relationship.

So, “Is Ashlyn Krueger related to Mitchell Krueger?” can be easily answered with a no. The two are unrelated as they can be identified with entirely different family histories and career paths in tennis.

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Tennis Star Ashlyn Krueger Says Her Parents Are Her Role Models

Tennis star Ashlyn Krueger credits her parents as her role models, emphasizing their significant influence in her life.

Although Krueger’s father’s name isn’t disclosed, he plays a pivotal role despite being less public.

In a recent interview with WTA, Ashlyn highlighted that both her parents inspire her, underscoring their supportive presence throughout her journey.

She expressed closeness with her father, mentioning him as the last person she texted that day. Thus, illustrating their strong bond.

Likewise, Ashlyn’s mother, Franchel Krueger, has a notable background in tennis, having played during her college years at Iowa State.

Ashlyn Krueger's mother supporting her.
Ashlyn Krueger’s mom in the crowd during her game. (Photo Source: News4 Jax)

She pursued a career in employer group benefit sales and life insurance, balancing her professional life with nurturing Ashlyn’s burgeoning tennis talent.

Franchel introduced Ashlyn to tennis early on, sparking her passion for the sport.

Additionally, she shares Ashlyn’s admiration for Kim Clijsters, reinforcing their bond through shared tennis interests.

Overall, Ashlyn Krueger’s family dynamic not only supports her athletic pursuits but also shapes her values and aspirations, highlighting the profound influence of parental guidance in her life and career.