David Semark and his family during their visit to Arsenal.

Yogesh Gurung

Actor David Semark’s Wife Jennifer Bryan Is A Speaker

David Semark is married to his wife, Jennifer Bryan. They are raising two children.

The actor’s personal life grabbed attention after his professional life was recently highlighted.

Per recent news, Semark will take over as Sir John Falstaff from Sir Ian McKellen. This change affects the rest of the Player Kings’ national tour in the UK.

McKellen fell during a West End show recently. Semark, his talented stand-in, filled in for the last three performances. Now he’ll continue the role on tour.

Coming back to David’s private life, he leads a blissful life with his partner, Jennifer. She is a professional speaker.

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David Semark’s Wife Jennifer Bryan Is A Professional Speaker And More 

David Semark’s wife, Jennifer Bryan, excels as a top-notch public speaker and change management guru. Her decade-plus in the field has left a big mark.

Jennifer launched ABChange Consultancy Ltd. in October 2011. And she runs it as the founder and managing director.

In addition, she spearheads game-changing projects for big names like JLL, Barclays, and HSBC.

Semark’s partner’s knack for getting stakeholders on board and crafting change plans has proved vital to many triumphs.

Similarly, Jennifer holds the role of Vice President at the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP Global). She teams up with the board to boost the skills of change pros.

David Semark and his wife Jennifer.
David and Jennifer are out celebrating his birthday. (Photo Source: Facebook)

On top of that, David’s better half pens thought-provoking pieces about workplace shifts as a freelance writer for Workplace Insight.

So, Jennifer, a University of Houston graduate, works as a consultant and writer. She also gives talks for Vistage UK and has spoken at TEDx Scunthorpe.

Furthermore, her book “Leading People in Change: A Practical Guide” shows off her deep knowledge and fresh ideas in this area.

Jennifer’s work life stands out for her focus on guiding and helping change happen in many types of businesses and groups.

David And Jennifer Have Two Children Together, A Son And Daughter 

David Semark and Jennifer Bryan have two kids – a boy and a girl.

Their daughter Amelia was born in 2005. Jennifer poked fun on Facebook when Amelia hit 12 in 2017:

“Apparently 12-year-old girls don’t want fairies anymore on their party decorations.”

That same year, David gushed about his daughter and son during their trip to Akumal, Mexico,

“My sophisticated 12yr old, and a boy being told I’d tickle him if he didn’t smile.”

David Semark's wife and their kids.
Jennifer and her kids. (Photo Source: Facebook)

Unlike Amelia, David and Jennifer keep their son’s name under wraps. But their youngest pops up on their social media often.

Jennifer also opened up about the tough time she had bringing their son into the world.

In a LinkedIn post, David’s partner spilled:

“gave birth twice and genuinely nearly died at the second one where only 8% survive without brain damage.”

Luckily, both mom and son came out of it okay. Moreover, Jennifer bounced back in an astonishing manner.

A mere six weeks after her brush with death, Semark’s significant other stood ready to grab her degree at Guildhall.

Her family – daughter, husband, and mother – beamed with pride as they watched her big moment.

Semark And His Partner Previously Went Through Three Miscarriages

David Semark and his wife, Jennifer Bryan, are now enjoying a happy family life with their son and daughter.

However, their path to becoming parents was full of challenges.

Before having their two kids, Jennifer went through three miscarriages.

This tough time tested the couple’s resilience and strength.

David Semark's daughter and son eating cake.
David Semark’s son and daughter. (Photo Source: Facebook)

Despite these struggles, David and Jennifer supported each other during the hard times and they became stronger together.

Their persistence paid off with the arrival of their son and daughter adding great joy to their life.

Today, this family of four values their time together thankful for the joy they now share.