Dan Rather is in good health at his late nineties.

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Dan Rather’s Health Journey From Overcoming Rheumatic Fever To Skin Cancer

Dan Rather’s health is on the talk as the veteran journalist finds himself in the spotlight once again as Netflix prepares to release his documentary.

Originally slated for April 24, the premiere has been postponed to May 1.

Renowned for his coverage of pivotal moments in modern history, from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the Iraq War, Rather’s impactful reporting has left an indelible mark.

Now in his late nineties, concerns about his health have surfaced among netizens, given his age.

As of 2024, the question lingers: how is Rather doing? Stay tuned to discover the latest updates on his health status.

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Dan Rather’s Health Update: How Is He Doing As Of 2024?  

Dan Rather’s health has been a topic of concern among many, prompting questions about his well-being in 2024.

Despite being in his late nineties, he appears to be in robust health. Moreover, he maintains an active presence in both his personal and professional life.

Queries about his vitality are common online, with searches like “Is Dan Rather alive?” affirming that he is indeed alive and well.

Dan Rather looks healthy alongside Don Lemon.
Dan Rather and Don Lemon. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Notably, Rather remains engaged on social media platforms, indicating his continued involvement in current affairs.

Professionally, he remains active in his journalism career, continuing to host TV programs on AXS-TV.

Importantly, there are no reports or official confirmations regarding any health struggles or illnesses he may be facing.

Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that Rather is in good health, without any serious ailments impeding his daily life.

As of 2024, Dan Rather appears to be thriving and continuing his legacy as a stalwart of journalism.

Dan Rather Suffered From Rheumatic Fever When He Was Only 11 Years Old

Although Dan Rather seems fine as of now, in the past he faced a couple of life-threatening diseases.

One of Rather’s first such experiences happened when he was just 11 years old.

The veteran journalist suffered from rheumatic fever, a potentially life-threatening illness.

Dan Rather's photo from his high school days.
Dan Rather’s click from his high school dance. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Doctors advised bed rest to contain the fever’s spread. Coinciding with World War II, Rather’s experience with the illness ignited his passion for journalism as he listened to radio broadcasts.

This period influenced his drive to maximize his time, shaping his career ambitions.

Despite the setback, Rather recovered and went on to make substantial contributions to journalism throughout his life.

The Veteran Journalist Dan Rather Battled Skin Cancer Back In 2004

Similarly, in 2004, veteran journalist Dan Rather faced a battle with skin cancer, making headlines across many news articles.

He underwent surgery to address cancerous skin cells on his face. He took a brief absence from the airwaves as CBS announced the precautionary measure.

Despite the ordeal, Rather remained optimistic about his recovery.

Dan Rather and Israel's UN Ambassador, Ron Poser.
Dan Rather with Israel’s UN Ambassador, Ron Poser. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Basal skin cancer, linked to prolonged sun exposure, was the diagnosis, being the most prevalent form of skin cancer.

During a subsequent appearance before television critics, Rather sported a conspicuous bandage on his nose, indicative of his recent surgery.

His public acknowledgment of the situation highlighted the importance of sun protection and regular screenings.

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What Is Dan Rather Doing Now? 

Dan Rather has been a distinguished figure in broadcast journalism since 1950. So, what is he doing as of now?

Well, as mentioned earlier, he remains actively engaged in the field. Hosting various programs on AXS-TV, such as “The Big Interview,” he showcases his adept interviewing skills and commitment to journalistic integrity.

With over 70 years of experience, Rather also contributes to the Substack platform with his newsletter “Steady” since 2021.

Likewise, he leads a blissful married life with his wife Jean Goebel. They have been together as a married couple since 1957.

Dan Rather's health looks fine while interviewing Simon Cowell.
Dan Rather interviewing Simon Cowell. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Talking about Rather’s residency, he divides his time between residences in New York City and Austin, Texas.

Despite being less active on Instagram since 2020, he maintains a presence on Twitter or X. Indeed, he frequently shares insights about his work with tweets.

One of his recent updates includes his upcoming documentary. On April 13 he wrote,

“I am humbled and honored to share some exciting news. A lot of very talented people have produced a documentary about this reporter’s life.”

He added,

“I’d like to give special thanks to @netflix, director Frank Marshall, and Jenifer Westphal’s @WavelengthProds.”

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