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Has Bre Tiesi From Selling Sunset Done Anything On Her Teeth?

Bre Tiesi is a prominent figure on the hit Netflix reality show “Selling Sunset.” So, she has garnered attention for her real estate prowess.

Originally from New Jersey, Tiesi made her mark in California’s real estate scene, showcasing her expertise in property transactions.

Beyond her role on the show, she founded her own real estate company in 2014, solidifying her place in the industry.

Besides her career, she gained a massive fan following for her striking beauty.

Moreover, the reality star’s openness about cosmetic enhancements has further endeared her to fans. This also sparked curiosity about the extent of her procedures.

While her facial surgeries and enhancements are well-documented, questions linger about her dental care.

So, amidst discussions about her plastic surgeries, one wonders if Tiesi has undergone any procedures on her teeth.

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Is There Anything Wrong With Bre Tiesi’s Teeth? 

Bre Tiesi boasts over 1 million Instagram followers, largely due to her appearances on Netflix’s Selling Sunset.

Her radiant smile captivates fans, sparking curiosity about her dental care routine.

While she’s open about her cosmetic procedures on social media and the show, she hasn’t addressed her teeth specifically.

Bre Tiesi and her son has beautiful set of teeth.
Bre Tiesi and her son show their white teeth. (Photo Source: Instagram)

However, scrutinizing her older photos reveals naturally flawless pearly whites, suggesting minimal intervention.

It’s possible she maintains their brilliance with routine whitening treatments, though she hasn’t confirmed this.

Tiesi’s smile remains a hallmark of her charm, enhancing her already considerable appeal among her admirers.

Did Bre Tiesi From Selling Sunset Have Facial Surgery?

Bre Tiesi’s dental procedures might remain a mystery, but what about her facial surgeries?

She’s been open about cosmetic enhancements, specifically admitting to a nose job and lip filler injections.

These procedures were aimed at refining her facial features, contributing to her overall appearance.

While there’s no official confirmation of additional surgeries on her face, Tiesi’s transparency about her chosen enhancements sheds light on her approach to beauty.

Bre Tiesi posing for that camera.
Bre Tiesi is a former model. (Photo Source: Instagram)

The nose job and lip filler injections represent deliberate choices to accentuate her natural beauty, aligning with her openness regarding cosmetic enhancements.

Despite the absence of official updates on further procedures, Tiesi’s candidness regarding her aesthetic journey fosters a sense of authenticity among her followers.

The ex-model willingness to discuss these enhancements reflects a broader societal trend towards transparency in cosmetic procedures, encouraging dialogue and understanding within her fanbase.

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What Are Other Cosmetic Changes Bre Tiesi Has Done?

Bre Tiesi’s journey into cosmetic enhancements extends beyond her nose job and lip filler injections.

In an Instagram Q&A session, she disclosed additional procedures, including breast augmentation, Botox injections, and various treatments like Kybella, Morpheus, and CO2 laser therapy.

In a captivating YouTube video, she shares her journey with renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Garth Fisher.

In the clip, she mentioned undergoing her second breast augmentation and opened up about her initial experience with breast implants.

As mentioned by People, Tiesi’s first surgery dates back to her youthful days at 18.

Bre Tiesi wearing in a suit.
Bre Tiesi has done breast augmentation. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the Selling Sun star’s candidness extends to her role as a self-proclaimed “guinea pig” alongside her best friend, experimenting with procedures to maintain youthfulness.

Her transparency about these enhancements, evident even in her Selling Sunset appearances, demonstrates comfort with discussing her aesthetic journey.

In fact, she’s been known to address them with humor and wit. When faced with judgment regarding her relationship with Nick Cannon, Tiesi defended herself confidently.

Examining resurfaced photos from her late teens and early 20s, it’s clear Tiesi’s appearance has undergone a noticeable transformation, with a more defined aesthetic compared to her earlier years.

This openness about her cosmetic changes not only demystifies the process but also encourages dialogue about beauty standards and self-expression.

Tiesi’s journey reflects a broader cultural shift towards embracing transparency and individuality in cosmetic enhancements.

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