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Chef April Jackson Own Everything To Her Father

Chef April Jackson attributes her remarkable journey to her father’s influence, acknowledging him as the cornerstone of her success.

She is a self-taught culinary virtuoso and proprietor of three thriving Brixton enterprises—Wood & Water, ABV Cocktail Bar, and April’s Kitchen. With this, she stands as a beacon of culinary excellence in the UK.

Her culinary prowess has earned her accolades, and she was recently on the MasterChef UK stage as a guest judge.

Likewise, she garnered massive attention as a contestant on series 11 of “The Apprentice UK.”

Beyond her business ventures, April’s commitment to sharing her expertise extends to volunteering for children’s cooking tutorials.

Her culinary flair has graced television screens on shows like “Ainsley’s Fantastic Flavours,” showcasing her innovative dishes to a wider audience.

Moreover, April’s multifaceted accomplishments include being a former Miss Jamaica Universe.

Besides her achievements, the former Miss Jamaica was in the news for her rumored fling with Usain Bolt.

However, as of now, she is with her partner Shephard Lee and they are parents to twins. You can read about them here.

However, for this particular piece, we delve into the profound influence of her father and the significance of family in shaping her illustrious career.

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Chef April Jackson Credits Her Father For Everything She Has Today

Chef April Jackson attributes her success to her father, whom she proudly calls her inspiration.

She frequently shares posts honoring him and never misses a chance to celebrate him on occasions like Father’s Day and his birthday. Talking about the birthday, her dad was born on March 5th.

Although Jackson never misses any special days to cherish her father’s presence, she clarified that she doesn’t need some occasion to celebrate her dad. So, for Jackson, every day is an opportunity to appreciate her father’s role in shaping her life.

She even acknowledges her father as the driving force behind her achievements, stating,

This is the man who has made me who I am.”

Describing him as her favorite person, Jackson emphasizes the multifaceted nature of their relationship. In her words,

“he’s not just a father but also a friend, mentor, staunch supporter, and even a critic.”

In addition, Jackson notes her dad as her best friend and proudly calls herself daddy’s girl.

April Jackson and her father have similar smile.
April Jackson is close to her father. (Photo Source: Instagram)

As an entrepreneur herself, Jackson has followed in her father’s footsteps, owning multiple successful restaurants with his guidance and support.

Their bond extends beyond business; they’ve shared memorable journeys together, including a trip to Vienna, noted on Jackson’s Instagram.

Despite her father’s absence from social media, Jackson’s admiration for him shines through in her heartfelt posts. Thus, reflecting a deep and enduring bond between a daughter and her father.

What Happened To The Former Miss Jamaica April Jackson’s Mother?

April Jackson often shares glimpses of her father on social media, but her mother remains notably absent from her posts.

It won’t take much time for anyone who goes through Jackson’s social posts to notice that she doesn’t share about her mom.

While details about her mother are scarce, a particular Instagram post sheds some light.

In the caption of a photo featuring her father, Jackson wrote,

Some of us don’t have mums but we’re lucky enough to have amazing dads who we celebrate today and every day.”

This suggests that her mother may not be present in her life currently.

Reports indicate that Jackson’s parents are divorced, with the divorce being described as costly.

Despite this, Jackson’s father has overcome setbacks and found business success. This serves as an inspiration for the former Miss Jamaica’s entrepreneurial pursuits.

April Jackson and her father.
April Jackson cherishes her father. (Photo Source: Instagram)

While the specifics regarding her mother’s absence remain unclear, Jackson’s focus on celebrating her father’s role in her life is evident.

Furthermore, the accessible details on Jackson’s mom also hint that they mightn’t be on good terms. However, it’s just a speculation.

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April Jackson And Her Sister Both Handles Motherhood Like A Champ

April Jackson, the former Miss Jamaica Universe turned successful businesswoman, is not the only one in her family excelling at motherhood.

Her sister, known on Instagram as @xdenise_jx, also embraces the joys of parenting.

Although her sister’s actual name remains undisclosed, Jackson often references her on social media.

Recent posts indicate that Jackson’s sister is a devoted mother to her daughters, mirroring Jackson’s own journey into motherhood.

Like Jackson, her sister seems to be happily married, cherishing the role of motherhood.

Jackson shares a close bond with her nieces, proudly celebrating their achievements.

In a heartwarming post from 2016, she shared her niece’s triumph at a gymnastics competition.

April Jackson's family photo from Instagram.
April Jackson with her father, sister, and nieces. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Her sister’s daughter won a gold medal at just four years old. Moreover, Jackson even expressed hopes for her niece’s potential Olympic future.

Furthermore, Jackson and her niece share a special connection through their natural hair, as evidenced by their joint celebration of World Afro Day.

Their bond exemplifies the strength of family ties and the shared experiences of motherhood across generations.

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