Alyssa Thomas on the right side and DeWanna Bonner on the left.

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Alyssa Thomas And Partner DeWanna Bonner’s Dating Timeline

Alyssa Thomas and DeWanna Bonner play pro basketball for the Connecticut Sun. However, these teammates share more than just the WNBA court.

To put it simply, they’ve scored big in life and love too.

Indeed, their bond goes beyond hoops, blossoming into a romance as solid as their game skills.

As wedding bells chime in Thomas and Bonner’s future, their tale grabs fans’ hearts across the globe.

Take a peek at this WNBA power pair’s journey. See how they went from teammates to soulmates right up to their touching engagement.

Alyssa Thomas And Her Partner DeWanna Bonner Played USA Basketball Together

Alyssa Thomas and her partner DeWanna Bonner first met while playing for USA Basketball. However, their first game together didn’t spark an instant friendship.

Bonner told CBS News,

“We knew each other from the WNBA, we played USA Basketball together.”

After crossing paths, Bonner got curious about Thomas and looked her up on social media.

DeWanna Bonner head on Alyssa Thomas shoulder.
Alyssa Thomas and DeWanna Bonner. (Photo Source: IG)

She checked out Thomas’s Instagram, calling it “stalking,” but added,

“I don’t call it stalking.”

Their online chats soon turned into real conversations, setting the stage for a closer bond.

But they didn’t meet face-to-face until Bonner joined the Connecticut Sun in 2020.

So, in a way, this move kicked off their romance as they juggled work and love.

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The WNBA Power Couple Got Engaged In 2023

Alyssa Thomas and DeWanna Bonner’s relationship journey began as virtual friends and teammates, evolving into a deep personal bond.

During the 2020 WNBA season, the unique bubble environment fostered their connection.

Alyssa Thomas and her Partner DeWanna Bonner engagement photo.
Thomas on her knee proposing to DeWanna Bonner. (Photo Source: IG)

By February 2021, Thomas had publicly shared that she and Bonner, her Connecticut Sun teammate, were in a romantic relationship.

After two years, the couple took a significant step in July 2023 when Thomas proposed to Bonner following the WNBA All-Star Game.

This heartfelt moment, captured on Instagram, features Thomas on one knee with a ring, while Bonner stands in speechless surprise.

The engagement announcement in July 2023 delighted fans and marked a new chapter in their love story.

Thomas And Her Fiancée Bonner Plans To Wed After Olympics

Thomas and Bonner have played pivotal roles in the Connecticut Sun’s success, guiding the team to three WNBA semifinals and the 2022 Finals since joining forces in 2020.

Now, they are preparing to share their wedding vows.

The WNBA power couple plans to marry after the 2024 Paris Olympics, where Thomas will represent Team USA Women’s Basketball.

Alyssa Thomas and Partner DeWanna Bonner.
Alyssa Thomas on the left side and DeWanna Bonner on the right side. (Photo Source: IG)

Bonner expressed her excitement, stating she would attend all of Thomas’ games in Paris. In addition, she also hopes Thomas will achieve the MVP title of the league or WNBA finals.

Their wedding plans are temporarily on hold until after the Olympics, allowing them to focus on both their professional and personal milestones.

The couple’s commitment to each other and their sport continues to inspire fans, highlighting their dedication and love on and off the court.