Here's 5 Things To Know About Olivier Rioux.

Prashant Lama

5 Things To Know About Olivier Rioux, Tallest Living Teenager And College Basketball Player

Here are 5 things to know about Olivier Rioux. First of all, he is the tallest teenager alive.

Further, he is making headlines and towering at a shocking height of 7 feet 9 inches.

At just 18 years old, Rioux’s extraordinary height has not only shattered records but also captured the imagination of basketball fans worldwide.

Well, his fast journey started with rapid growth from a tender age, which has seen him become a darling in the world of sports.

That said, here are five things you need to know about this up-and-coming basketball sensation:

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1. Olivier Rioux Is Not 7-foot-9-inches Tall.

The recent news worldwide mainly indicated that Olivier Rioux is 7-foot-9 inches tall.

While there is nothing wrong with this assertion, it is worth observing that Rioux’s incredible height of 7 feet 9 inches is in shoes.

Without shoes, Rioux is 7 feet, 7 inches. He clarified this in his official Instagram account’s bio. Furthermore, he also goes on to write his shoe size: a massive 20.

Olivier Rioux's Instagram bio photo.
Olivier Rioux’s IG bio says he is 7 ft 7 in tall barefoot. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Talking about Rioux’s height, he has grown 5 centimeters in just two months and continues growing, according to reports.

So, it’s anybody’s guess as to how tall Rioux will end up and when his body may decide to hit the stop button on his growth.

Also, let us remind you guys again that Rioux holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest male teenager.

What is more? Well, Rioux weighs in at 290 pounds (134 kg).

2. His Abnormal Height Is Concluded To Be Genetics.

Olivier Rioux and his doctors have revealed the reason behind his exceptional height: genetics.

Although they can never be so sure for now, Rioux’s doctors believe that his height results from his family’s inheritance. Tall people have characterized his family.

Consequently, this build has caused Rioux to be extremely tall, which he has been since he was young.

His father is 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 meters) tall. Similarly, his mother is 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters).

Olivier Rioux wearing his basketball outfit
Olivier Rioux wearing 10 number jersey. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Rioux’s elder brother, Émile, is 6’9″ (2.06 m) tall.

With that cleared up, Rioux possessing his astonishing height from the genes of his kind of family is not that surprising to know.

Further, Rioux’s genetic advantage has not only allowed him to stand out in basketball but also explains why he towers over most of his peers.

For such a genetically blessed family, when it comes to height, Rioux’s towering presence is just one of those things that can be expected. Thus, making him an exceptional and promising talent in the field of sports.

3. Rioux Is Healthy And Athletic.

Olivier Rioux’s incredible height has stunned netizens, making them worry about his health.

Many even speculated that he was a victim of gigantism.

But there is no confirmation or any evidence regarding suffering from a critical illness. So, Rioux is healthy.

Olivier Rioux's Reddit comments.
Redditors say Olivier Rioux is athletic, despite his height. (Photo Source: Reddit)

Viewers of the game point out that, despite his tall stature, Rioux is very athletic.

In complete contradiction with his size, Rioux is skilled while playing basketball.

Rioux is generally healthy and also quite athletic, hence making him a relatively strong force in the game.

So, his enormous height is not a drawback but is powerful for complementing his physical shape and talent in basketball.

4. Olivier Rioux’s Father Is A Photographer And Mother Works At The RBC.

Olivier Rioux was born on February 2, 2006, in Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada. He boasts mixed French-Canadian roots.

His impressive height and athletic prowess are well supported by his family’s background.

The Canadian star’s father, Jean-Francois, is a photographer but also has a history as a former volleyball player.

Olivier Rioux with his brother.
Olivier Rioux’s brother also played basketball. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Equally, his mother, Anne Gariepy, has a career at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). She manages a professional life yet still manages to give herself support in the sporting lives of her family.

Further, Olivier’s elder brother, Émile, is also a basketball player. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say sports are a family vocation.

The Rioux family has resided in several areas of Montreal, including the Anjou borough and the suburb of Beloeil.

His multiracial background and supportive family environment help support his journey towards emerging as a basketball sensation.

5. He Previously Played For Basketball For Real Madrid.

Olivier Rioux is on the roster for men’s basketball at the University of Florida this year, having signed with the Gators last fall.

Before joining the Gators, however, Rioux played earlier for the prestigious basketball team Real Madrid.

Starting his basketball career at 8, his talent quickly stood out.

At age 12, a video of him went around social media dunking on an 8-foot rim, and he instantly rose to the status of having over 105,000 followers on Instagram.

Olivier Rioux with Sergio Ramos.
Olivier Rioux and Sergio Ramos. (Photo Source: Instagram)

He even piqued the interest of NBA stars like Steph Curry and Joel Embiid.

It made headlines when he transferred at such a young age to Real Madrid because the esteemed club recognized his potential.

He also represented Canada’s youth team, another significant milestone in his budding career.

Records of the same have also appeared on his Instagram, linking him to football stars like Sergio Ramos.

Indeed, Rioux’s is a story marked by quick elevation within basketball, considering how he has marked several milestones.